Thursday, March 18, 2010

ghirardellhi (sp?) brownie tricks

although I'm a firm proponent of scratch  ("Did you make it out of scratch?" - Daniel oppa..  Hehahah Inside joke!  that .. only joy or jeremy (who doesn't read this) would understand)   ...  there are certain things where a baked good is not worth the effort.

BROWNIES are a prime example.  If you try to make it out of scratch, you have to use so many ingredients and the cocoa powder gets everywhere, and plus, they usually don't even TASTE that good.  Honestly.  Homemade brownies are le-suck.  

Now, Ghiradelli on the other hand... has an awful to spell name.  
BUT Ghiradelli has the BEST and i repeat BEST brownie mixes.  They used to be double chocolate (during my sophomore year of high school), now they're triple.
At costco, you can buy a huge box of 6 mixes.. for .. a decent price.  (Sanny claims Betty crocker is the best).

With Ghiradelhi, you just add 1 egg, 1/3 C milk or water and 1/3 C oil and voila!  finito!  325 in the oven for 45 ish minutes!

Then you get the fudgiest, moistest, chocolate chunked brownies ever.

Today, I figured out a way to make the bag go further than just 16 brownies.  Just add 1/2 C of flour and use 1/2C milk and 1/2 C oil.  Want to save on cleanup?  Just get a normal drinking cup, eyeball in about 1/2 C milk and then add oil until  it hits below the rim!  Then just dump that sucker in with the egg and mix.  You could probably add another egg too.  I haven't experimented too much yet, but I just sort of keep on randomly feeding it flour..  and it doesn't make it any less sweet.  Because that brownie is pretty stanking sweet already.  

So, I'll probably experiment some more.. I feel like the bag of brownie mix has enough brownie to back up double the recipe.. without using double the number of bags!

That's my brownie trick!  (thank you, thank you, thank you)

OH but another brownie trick:  DON'T bake in the morning when your hair is all loose from the night's sleep.  (you know how you shed hair at night?)   You'll end up with TWO.. yes TWO long hairs in your brownies.  EWWWWWW

I literally had to eat my words from a few weeks ago when I told Kathy and Grace about not eating food with hair in it.  In that conversation, I was shocked at how readily they'd return to a restaurant where there was hair in the food. blech blech.  But they said if it was a friend's they would just eat the rest of the food.  which makes sense i guess.  Anyway,  I pulled out the hairs, cut up the brownies, and serve them anyway to my unassuming 7th graders.  HAHAHHAA ^_^

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