Monday, April 30, 2012

The future flashed before my eyes

I'm going to end up being an unmarried workaholic with trust issues.
At least I'll have a HUGE impact on the kids and people I work with.
And I'll treat my cats really well.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

16 year old weds 54 year old...

this makes me so sad.

i want to be careful to not make this a tirade or to launch into ad hominem criticism, so i just want to say this.

It looks like the guy does have some sort of liking for the girl.  it looks like he's a smooth talker, he knows what he's doing, and that he is intelligent.  i believe actors (especially dramatic actors) are highly competent and intelligent and obviously, this guy has SOMETHING up there.

the girl on the other hand, is a girl.  I do believe that some 16-year-olds could get married.  in certain cultures, they ARE mentally and emotionally and physically competent in that realm b/c they've been prepared for that.  in ours, it's not that common and from her comments... I feel worried.  I don't think she has a full handle on what she did..

but on the other hand, America, with its culture of adolescent sex, fast and loose marriages, and fame leading to status, I guess her actions aren't really that out of the ordinary.  it just skeeves people out about the age difference.

but also, from looking at them, they don't LOOK like they're 35 years apart in age.  He looks like he could be in his 40s and that she could be in her late 20s.

anyway, where her parents are, in all this, is also really sad. it feels like the precursor of britney spears.. at least jessica simpson, even with her overzealous parents, ended up living a normal life. i hope this girl, will .. i don't know, not crash and burn?


ps: i hate how people are taking advantage of the internet and sending really awful awful emails.  if they really cared, they wouldn't be sending awful words, they would be trying to reason with her, her parents, and that man...

this is like, setting up the groundwork for future emotional/sexual abuse.  if this girl is alienated from girls around her, only befriends people who are interested in her fame, and even her family let her do this, I really worry about her.  she's a casualty.