Friday, November 30, 2012

Ode to Joe

If you saw a woman smiling a bit too wide
Gleaming eyes bared under her purple frames
you might have seen that it'sa mee!!  Ms. Kim!

You know you've been to Trader Joe's too often when you scour their ready-to-go food section and feel bored.  There's absolutely nothing there left to try that I want to try... I grabbed the chicken masala and then remembered I'd eaten it before!
So then, off to the frozen foods.  But i wandered through the bread part.  And then decided I wanted a TJ's snack (From their samples) and LITERALLY CUT OFF an old man when I rounded a corner too quickly.  Felt embarrassed that I was beelining for the samples so I pretended to be interested in the organic butter and the coconut milk dairy substitute.
I heard a funny conversation while trying out the quinoa with the vegetable melange (what's melange?).
"I have no idea why I hate this song."
"It's because it's a terrible song!"
"It IS a terrible song!"

Around this time, maybe it was the melange, I just began to feel euphoric.  I walked into the frozen foods, back to the ready-to-go foods, then back around to the frozen foods and picked out paneer masala.  Then I saw a "pecan pie ice cream" oh what?  It looked good! I then remembered that I came here to get a soup to try for my grilled cheese I was going to eat at home.

What soup to get.  I get so excited.  I looked at their creamy corn and roasted pepper soup right when a TJ's lady asked me if I needed anything.  Instead of mumbling, I exclaimed, "Nope! I'm just really excited, actually!"  And then we both gushed about the pecan pie ice cream.  
Anyway, I love Trader Joe's

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

i wonder of christina's mad.

she's so grumpy when she talks with the bi-colored hair girl.

Anyway, I like Cassadee pope better.. but I honestly don't get why the coaches are always like "everyone loves you" b/c she's not.. that great.  her audition was really moving, but .. I always feel like she has a reedy sort of voice.

Also, trevin hunte is becoming disappointing.  really hated his usher cover where he sounded really .. waily, and even the whitney houston cover wasn't that great.

had high hopes for bryan keith.. sad he got eliminated.

also was excited about the Queen cover from cody belew.. but it fell.

also... waiting for Amanda Brown to break out again.  LOVED Dream On.  Wish she would do more. She's definitely someone who just.. keeps getting better.  GOSH.

Dez Duron. Glad he's gone.

If Christina Aguilera had kept De'borah instead of 2 basically vocal-look-alikes, I bet her team would've gone further.  OR if she had kept that girl who literally gave me chills with "I Have Nothing" (Devon Deloera) ... except I really hated her aguilera cover.


Right now, I thought I wanted Trevin Hunt to win, but I'm really pulling for Amanda Brown.  CRAZY!

Also.  Ceelo.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA.  He's such a FREAKY WEIRDO.  But pretty genius.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Voice, Season 3

I've been a fan since the first season, and hotDAMN it's been good and then bad and good.

LOVED Bryan Keith.

LOVED Amanda Brown.  Amazed.  Also love that song.

LOVE Trevin ???

and ummm.. that weird girl with the bi-colored hair.. is really interesting.

Also, there's some people in Christina's team that's pretty cool.

ANYWHOO. thats all.

happy voting.. Obama for 4 more years.

Honestly, I'm a bit relieved.  I prefer stability and I think people can do better if they're there longer..

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

k-town youtube. blah.

watched this.

oh my gosh.

It's so embarrassing.

I feel like I know what these guys looked like as kids b/c to me they just look like little boys that gained some weight, shaved their hair weird, and put on a bunch of tattoos and piercings.

Even when they speak, there's still the asian accent.. that sort of takes the punch out of the "street talk."

The girls sound really dumb too.

It's just people "fronting" in front of a rolling camera.

the thing with koreans is that.. they're quiet if they're uncomfortable or with strangers, but as soon as they're with their friends, they get all full of bravado and do all sorts of weird things.

i really hate that wannabe-ness of it all.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

discontent restlessness

"I don’t mean that the Christian life is static. But there is a difference between the confident movement of faith and the craving movement of frustration. On the one hand, there is restless movement from one thing to the next because we have no solid, satisfied identity in Christ. And on the other hand, we have Christ as our Fountain of life and we move with purposefulness and creativity in the life and power that this living water gives. There is a difference between the jumping from one thing to the next out of frustration and the moving purposefully out of faith."

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I think of graduation in terms of pop culture..

And in terms of epic pop milestones, there's been quite a few in my life.

8th grade Graduation = Vitamin C, Graduation Song.
Senior year graduation = Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants's 4th book (for senior year) + the movie of the first book.
College Graduation = A blur, didn't really get caught up in pop culture.

This year:  Kristen Wiig leaves SNL, "Call me Maybe" comes out, Jason Mraz comes back to the music scene, Sing Off is Cancelled.

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Voice Finale + spoilers

You know, I think there's a lot to be said about the strategy of the show.
For example, even though Christina Aguilera knocked Jesse off early, he is GOOD to go.  He's mainly a Gospel singer and that wouldn't've sold well anyway and he has enough of a loyal following that he's fine.

Christina had a weird team -- last season she went super diva powerhouses.  This season she went way too original weirdish..  she also needs to figure out how to get people to trust her and like her...

Adam Levine.  Again, I don't think it was bad he voted off that blonde woman with a lovely voice because she's also probably good to go.  Tony Lucca had nothing exciting about him though, and I think that may have caused resentment.

CeeLo.  Oh CEELO.  this season i REALLY appreciated just his sense of style and pizazz in all his set ups.  He's freaking creative (or he allows the right creative forces to be creative for him).  And I really like that he's so in the know about music and musical history.  Kind of like South Korea's JYP.
i LOVEd Dancing in the Street, and I still remember the Dog Days are Over from last season.

If i were talented, I'd choose Ceelo, even though he's super greasy.

Blake.  Hands down a great coach b/c he cares for you.  Last season his girl got second, but in terms of current popularity, it's first.  She has her records and she's doing well... not Xenia but the other one. (The fact that Xenia also has a musical career says something about Blake's clout).  I like how Blake also helped like 2 other artists this season too even though they lost -- that first country singer and then of course, RaeLynn.

i LOOOOOVE Jermaine Paul. SO glad he won.  He's so humble, so talented, and so handsome. ta ta ta!