Thursday, March 11, 2010

gave up twitter

at first i was excited trying to write under the character limit; oh the joy of formulating witty, minimalistic updates on your life. cramming as much meaning as possible into 140 characters.

tweeting was meant to be done purposefully - if an event requires more than 1 tweet, gotta rethink!

it got to a point where i seriously considered stopping my blog.

anyway, that's over.

thanks to buzz mainly.

yesterday, an 8th grade boy in my class stared thoughtfully at my face and then said, "You know, Miss Kim, you look like Nathan." (Nathan is a high school student. I don't think we look alike at aLL)

Other kids, "What? Ehhh"

Boy: "She does - you do! You have the same eyes.. and eyebrows."

Me (Trying to keep it humorous and non-awkward): "OH poor Nathan!"

then i went home .. and told kathy and grace.
kathy came to inspect my brows.. because truth be told, i haven't taken anything to my eyebrows since i moved to Taiwan. i just grew some bangs and got some huge classes to cover them brushy monstrosities. (as i have said again and again, in Taiwan, i've let myself go to see)

kathy was surprised, "Wow you really meant it when you said you did nothing! WOW.. WOW!"

I felt utterly bushy now.. especially with kathy's confirmation of 8th grade boy's comments.

so last night i shaped it a little and got rid of a lot of wayward hairs... i guess tonight i'll pull out the tweezers..



it was nice while it lasted

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