Friday, March 26, 2010

but .. they're both old!

russell crowe as robin hood with cate blanchett as maid marian?
not to mention the guy from pride and prejudice (i don't even remember his face b/c that pride and prejudice was such MILK and WHITE BREAD that i tasted none of it)  who I at least remember as being young is the sheriff.

Not gonna lie, i LOVE stories.  I LOVE stories turned into movies.  I love cate Blanchett and although I'm not too thrilled at Crowe, I can't deny he's got acting chops.. but..

they're.. so.. old.

Doesn't "Maid" mean anything?  It's short for "maiden" not "Old maid."  Cate, you're gorgeous, but .. maid Marian?  :-(  and Russell Crowe is no strapping youth.  He's old.

Seriously even though he can't act, Taylor Lautner or Nick Jonas should've been cast for Robin Hood.  And while we're on this (gone unfortunately wrong) stream of thought, Disney should've produced it and made it fun and bubbly.

Okay, if we're going to do a serious version, then... pick... someone slim and limber.  Not a stocky gladiator

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