Monday, March 22, 2010

dyeing hair

in 8th grade i finally got contacts.
in high school i was allowed a cartilage piercing (which was cool for all of 5 minutes until my little sister was also allowed one)  and free rein over hair color .
the first time i dyed my hair purple.  the second time, pink.  during the second time, my mom did it with me.

I wonder what her mentality was.
maybe similar to this lady's  


but you know, i didn't act like that little 11 yr-old.  I whined for my contacts and i think i genuinely felt prettier once i got them.  when i dyed my hair, it was because i thought it was pretty.  but of course, i thought it was cool too.  then i mainly just had fun... since it was semi-permanent.  My sister did it too.  Hmm hmm.  i'm trying to think back to my thoughts behind that.

i guess what i'm trying to say is my mom lessened the potency of such acts by... being okay with it.  And I guess we were on pretty good terms since I told her about it first.  (although the later ear piercings were done spur of the moment, by myself with my sister.. at least it was in the confines of home.   Only once did my mom flip, but that's because my sister had a BUNCH of ear piercings in the span of like.. 3 months. lol.  okay maybe not a bunch; just like 2 more).

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