Friday, November 30, 2012

Ode to Joe

If you saw a woman smiling a bit too wide
Gleaming eyes bared under her purple frames
you might have seen that it'sa mee!!  Ms. Kim!

You know you've been to Trader Joe's too often when you scour their ready-to-go food section and feel bored.  There's absolutely nothing there left to try that I want to try... I grabbed the chicken masala and then remembered I'd eaten it before!
So then, off to the frozen foods.  But i wandered through the bread part.  And then decided I wanted a TJ's snack (From their samples) and LITERALLY CUT OFF an old man when I rounded a corner too quickly.  Felt embarrassed that I was beelining for the samples so I pretended to be interested in the organic butter and the coconut milk dairy substitute.
I heard a funny conversation while trying out the quinoa with the vegetable melange (what's melange?).
"I have no idea why I hate this song."
"It's because it's a terrible song!"
"It IS a terrible song!"

Around this time, maybe it was the melange, I just began to feel euphoric.  I walked into the frozen foods, back to the ready-to-go foods, then back around to the frozen foods and picked out paneer masala.  Then I saw a "pecan pie ice cream" oh what?  It looked good! I then remembered that I came here to get a soup to try for my grilled cheese I was going to eat at home.

What soup to get.  I get so excited.  I looked at their creamy corn and roasted pepper soup right when a TJ's lady asked me if I needed anything.  Instead of mumbling, I exclaimed, "Nope! I'm just really excited, actually!"  And then we both gushed about the pecan pie ice cream.  
Anyway, I love Trader Joe's

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

i wonder of christina's mad.

she's so grumpy when she talks with the bi-colored hair girl.

Anyway, I like Cassadee pope better.. but I honestly don't get why the coaches are always like "everyone loves you" b/c she's not.. that great.  her audition was really moving, but .. I always feel like she has a reedy sort of voice.

Also, trevin hunte is becoming disappointing.  really hated his usher cover where he sounded really .. waily, and even the whitney houston cover wasn't that great.

had high hopes for bryan keith.. sad he got eliminated.

also was excited about the Queen cover from cody belew.. but it fell.

also... waiting for Amanda Brown to break out again.  LOVED Dream On.  Wish she would do more. She's definitely someone who just.. keeps getting better.  GOSH.

Dez Duron. Glad he's gone.

If Christina Aguilera had kept De'borah instead of 2 basically vocal-look-alikes, I bet her team would've gone further.  OR if she had kept that girl who literally gave me chills with "I Have Nothing" (Devon Deloera) ... except I really hated her aguilera cover.


Right now, I thought I wanted Trevin Hunt to win, but I'm really pulling for Amanda Brown.  CRAZY!

Also.  Ceelo.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA.  He's such a FREAKY WEIRDO.  But pretty genius.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Voice, Season 3

I've been a fan since the first season, and hotDAMN it's been good and then bad and good.

LOVED Bryan Keith.

LOVED Amanda Brown.  Amazed.  Also love that song.

LOVE Trevin ???

and ummm.. that weird girl with the bi-colored hair.. is really interesting.

Also, there's some people in Christina's team that's pretty cool.

ANYWHOO. thats all.

happy voting.. Obama for 4 more years.

Honestly, I'm a bit relieved.  I prefer stability and I think people can do better if they're there longer..

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

k-town youtube. blah.

watched this.

oh my gosh.

It's so embarrassing.

I feel like I know what these guys looked like as kids b/c to me they just look like little boys that gained some weight, shaved their hair weird, and put on a bunch of tattoos and piercings.

Even when they speak, there's still the asian accent.. that sort of takes the punch out of the "street talk."

The girls sound really dumb too.

It's just people "fronting" in front of a rolling camera.

the thing with koreans is that.. they're quiet if they're uncomfortable or with strangers, but as soon as they're with their friends, they get all full of bravado and do all sorts of weird things.

i really hate that wannabe-ness of it all.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

discontent restlessness

"I don’t mean that the Christian life is static. But there is a difference between the confident movement of faith and the craving movement of frustration. On the one hand, there is restless movement from one thing to the next because we have no solid, satisfied identity in Christ. And on the other hand, we have Christ as our Fountain of life and we move with purposefulness and creativity in the life and power that this living water gives. There is a difference between the jumping from one thing to the next out of frustration and the moving purposefully out of faith."

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I think of graduation in terms of pop culture..

And in terms of epic pop milestones, there's been quite a few in my life.

8th grade Graduation = Vitamin C, Graduation Song.
Senior year graduation = Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants's 4th book (for senior year) + the movie of the first book.
College Graduation = A blur, didn't really get caught up in pop culture.

This year:  Kristen Wiig leaves SNL, "Call me Maybe" comes out, Jason Mraz comes back to the music scene, Sing Off is Cancelled.

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Voice Finale + spoilers

You know, I think there's a lot to be said about the strategy of the show.
For example, even though Christina Aguilera knocked Jesse off early, he is GOOD to go.  He's mainly a Gospel singer and that wouldn't've sold well anyway and he has enough of a loyal following that he's fine.

Christina had a weird team -- last season she went super diva powerhouses.  This season she went way too original weirdish..  she also needs to figure out how to get people to trust her and like her...

Adam Levine.  Again, I don't think it was bad he voted off that blonde woman with a lovely voice because she's also probably good to go.  Tony Lucca had nothing exciting about him though, and I think that may have caused resentment.

CeeLo.  Oh CEELO.  this season i REALLY appreciated just his sense of style and pizazz in all his set ups.  He's freaking creative (or he allows the right creative forces to be creative for him).  And I really like that he's so in the know about music and musical history.  Kind of like South Korea's JYP.
i LOVEd Dancing in the Street, and I still remember the Dog Days are Over from last season.

If i were talented, I'd choose Ceelo, even though he's super greasy.

Blake.  Hands down a great coach b/c he cares for you.  Last season his girl got second, but in terms of current popularity, it's first.  She has her records and she's doing well... not Xenia but the other one. (The fact that Xenia also has a musical career says something about Blake's clout).  I like how Blake also helped like 2 other artists this season too even though they lost -- that first country singer and then of course, RaeLynn.

i LOOOOOVE Jermaine Paul. SO glad he won.  He's so humble, so talented, and so handsome. ta ta ta!

Monday, April 30, 2012

The future flashed before my eyes

I'm going to end up being an unmarried workaholic with trust issues.
At least I'll have a HUGE impact on the kids and people I work with.
And I'll treat my cats really well.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

16 year old weds 54 year old...

this makes me so sad.

i want to be careful to not make this a tirade or to launch into ad hominem criticism, so i just want to say this.

It looks like the guy does have some sort of liking for the girl.  it looks like he's a smooth talker, he knows what he's doing, and that he is intelligent.  i believe actors (especially dramatic actors) are highly competent and intelligent and obviously, this guy has SOMETHING up there.

the girl on the other hand, is a girl.  I do believe that some 16-year-olds could get married.  in certain cultures, they ARE mentally and emotionally and physically competent in that realm b/c they've been prepared for that.  in ours, it's not that common and from her comments... I feel worried.  I don't think she has a full handle on what she did..

but on the other hand, America, with its culture of adolescent sex, fast and loose marriages, and fame leading to status, I guess her actions aren't really that out of the ordinary.  it just skeeves people out about the age difference.

but also, from looking at them, they don't LOOK like they're 35 years apart in age.  He looks like he could be in his 40s and that she could be in her late 20s.

anyway, where her parents are, in all this, is also really sad. it feels like the precursor of britney spears.. at least jessica simpson, even with her overzealous parents, ended up living a normal life. i hope this girl, will .. i don't know, not crash and burn?


ps: i hate how people are taking advantage of the internet and sending really awful awful emails.  if they really cared, they wouldn't be sending awful words, they would be trying to reason with her, her parents, and that man...

this is like, setting up the groundwork for future emotional/sexual abuse.  if this girl is alienated from girls around her, only befriends people who are interested in her fame, and even her family let her do this, I really worry about her.  she's a casualty.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


what is it that makes me crave that lighthearted companionship?
the now and then. the sunny. the super 8.
it's almost a decade since that time, but i miss it.
the singing on rooftops
the blending of daquiris
the skinnydipping under stars
the getting caught/citations for trespassing
the driving with the windows down, dancing to ridiculous music
the bad parking
the coffeecake and hobees
the swimming and the drama
the eating and the baking
the whispering and the spooning
the borrowing of clothes
the assurances and the confidence
that the world could be against us but we had each other and we were fine.

i feel that until junior year, i was kind of my own independent ship.  or maybe, i still do sort of live in this weird pseudoworld i invented for myself mixing beverly cleary, lm montgomery, and the babysitters club.

is friendship overrated?
i need to stop watching kid tv and start writing my papers and being a grown up.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

No one knew my name in California either.

She said, "I think I'll go to Boston.  I think I'll start a new life.  I think I'll start it over where no one knows my name.  I'll get out of California--I'm tired of the weather.  I think I'll get a lover and fly him out to Spain.  And I think I'll go to Boston.  I think that I'm just tired.  I think I need a new town to leave this all behind.  I think I need a sunrise; I'm tired of the sunset.  I hear it's nice in the summer-- some snow would be nice.  You don't know me, you don't even care.  Boston: where no one knows my name.  Where no one knows my name.  where no one knows my name -- Boston.  No one knows my name."

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Okay wow. This week's Once Upon A Time was a zinger. I take back what I said last week. (Although the werewolf thing has been done before (see: every other modern adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood).  But this time, around, their twist was good.

I don't really enjoy the main story thread in modern day Storybrooke, but i do like the side character stuff and I did like this week's fairy tale episode.

Speaking of fairytales, I really recommend this book: Truly Grim Tales by Priscilla Galloway.  You know a book is good when you think about it randomly.  I'm washing the dishes and suddenly I think of the prince in the Cinderella one (all of these short stories don't really tell you which fairy tale, they just hint at them).  I love the weird Red-RidingHood themed one too.

And they're all in this detached, first person.  It's just delicious, really.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Snippets of a weird weird dream

Been feeling emotional lately and been having weird sleeping patterns.
Today I felt panicked in the middle of my sleep but then assured myself that today was Saturday and not just Saturday but the Saturday starting Spring Break!  

I had a quest dream.  Those dreams are usually really interesting.
This time around, I was with a group of people that I knew (don't remember now) and I remember my little camel pak and blood.  I remember also at the end, a guy (friend's bf) was barbequing and I told him he could have the grill since my parents moved.  He told me to open the backdoor and I didn't understand why, but I put on my indoor slippers and went outside when someone else was out there and I understood oh he wanted me to open the door for him. and as someone else was walking by i yelled "back door" and he walked in.
This is another thing I notice about dreams. i never really get the chance to eat in them. there was ONE dream where I ate a feast.. and I think that was a triumph for me b/c i never get a chance to eat in a dream. ever.

the main snippets i remember is that we're by water, and you have to be careful b/c there are some weird creatures living there. i knew one person in my team had some sort of spell or something happened to them in regards to me, so she was following me, as i was trying to get water to wash off the blood from my camel pak. but every time she followed me (she's actually sally's cousin suyeon. weird.) the water in the creeks became mud, so I couldn't dunk my camel pak.  and i was going out further into the creek to find water, and she was following me. so then, i told her to leave, and told her to stay with the others, and brought someone else with me, and the water was there.

another main snippet (the one that sticks with me the most) is that we were on a trail in a large tunnel and at first the rocky path hurt a lot and i was worried about tripping.  next to the rocky path, was this small bamboo fence looking thing.  It was this low fence, about the height of my knee, and it was stacked bamboo on its side so that the top was rounded, smooth bamboo.  i realized i could walk on that b/c it felt better for my bare feet.  however as i walked (pretty quickly since my feet felt better), the tunnel began to get smaller and then i had to get back on the rocky path, and then i had to crawl on my tummy.  I was at a point where I wondered if i could get out b/c the exit was so small, when suddenly, i felt it give (right when i felt that i'd stick) and i was out. i remember feeling concerned b/c there was a large, asian boy behind me, but I think he made it okay too.

I just remember a lot of creeks and outdoors stuff in my dream. i remember one of my friends swimming deep in that watery creek when she wasn't supposed to b/c you don't know what lives in there.

there wasn't a lot of action in my dream, but it was pretty nerve-wracking nonetheless.

I've started to grind my teeth at Harvard. I wonder if dreams like that make me more or less stressed.  I try to make sure my mouth is open when i sleep.  my neck's been hurting for a week now too.  ho hum.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

No way jose!

Tim Tebow,
When I read this: Tim Tebow in Talks to Be The Bachelor?
I scoffed.  Heck no!  This is like the rumor of Jeremy Lin dating a Kardashian!

i saw this:
"Judging by the public interest in his dinner date with Taylor Swift, the NFL star would likely attract quite a roster of women willing to vie for his attention on the ABC reality show."

What?  Really, Tim?!  You went on a date with her?  This is like the time when I lost respect for Adam (from Owl City) for doing that really embarrassing profession for Taylor Swift (where you professed your love but she didn't really return it...).  Why?  Dah.

In other news...

I just love this:

You can only take so much conflict.

I wish Once Upon a Time would just freaking solve their mysteries already.
I mean, it's almost like a deus ex machina device to just have every extraneous character try to leave StoryBrooke and crash their car.  Ugh.

That's like the catch-all solution for all conflict issues.

How awesome would it be if this all turned out to be a fluke and Henry was just crazy?  Actually, that wouldn't be awesome, I'd be mad.

Also, I'm concerned to the longevity of this show.  If this show is meant to last for seasonS rather than one season, this means that.. most likely the enchantment WON'T be broken and they'll continue to keep on introducing new characters, continuing different storylines (that parallel current storylines) and those new storylines will only vague connect to or continue traditional fairy tales.  This could get old real quick.

They still have yet to do the red riding hood story (I bet the mysterious journalist dude is the wolf).
They have to pick up Cinderella, where her prince, coincidentally disappears at the well (did he turn into a FROG?  is he the Frog prince?)
Also, how did Belle end up underground?
I guess they could also do a story for each dwarf.
We need to figure out how Snow White eats the apple.
There's always room for more Rumplestiltskin.
also contemporary storyline, we have to find that wife.  There must be some story for that diner waitress. Henry's been missing for a while.  And HOW come DAVID never had to take responsibility for the fact that he's a wishy-washy, cheating, no-good, not even that good looking husband?

Dang.. there's going to be SO much room for more meandering.. this is going to take forever.
Groan.  I just want an ending.

Other fairy tales they have yet to tap into:

Rapunzel (THAT would be good.  I bet Rumplestiltskin is the kidnapping witch.. he's like the catch-all villain).
Peter Pan (more fairies, yay! and a boy child!  and maybe they'll add a twist by making Wendy another teacher in real life and the Peter Pan boy, her high school student.  Okay, am I going too far?)
3 Little Pigs
Alice in Wonderland (not a fairytale, but come on, they brought in a genie, they can surely bring in Alice in Wonderland).
Little Mermaid
Sleeping Beauty
Swan Princess
12 Dancing Princesses

Wow, there's SO many girls and so few guys.  This show is definitely full of just pretty girls.. which is a good thing for all those actresses out there.  And there are only so many huntsmen you can have.. maybe it's the same one guy for all the girls.  It's like Big Love. fairytale edition!

Speaking of spoofs:  Love it.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

obvious plastic surgery

it makes me sad that ppl feel the need to change their face.
but i also wonder where you draw the line.

for example, i altered my skull too: i got braces.  is that different from a nose job?  it was for vanity.

or eyelids?  gah..

anyway, i guess if it looks natural, it's better, but when it sticks out.. it's so weird.

for example: this dude:

it's so OBVIOUS he got something done to his face.

and it looks really similar to this girl here:

 who when i FIRST saw her, was thoroughly shocked at how fake she looked, but then slowly warmed up to her because frankly, she's a really good actress.  but why did she have to.. change her face so much to look kind of like this exaggerated doll?

i tink it has something to do with the lips. they're unnaturally.. symmetrical and.. pouty?  or the top of the lip?  and the nose.  the lips and the nose.. just.. look different.

I feel like beauty is more apparent when there's an imperfection.
I remember when I first saw Charlize Theron (in The Italian Job), feeling slightly confused b/c I felt so neutral towards her face.  Everyone gushed about her beauty, but I think, she felt too... perfect?  like everything was too symmetrical and proportional, that it reminded me of a plastic barbie doll.

Whereas Uma Thurman, or Katharine Hepburn.  When I first saw them, I knew they weren't ugly, but I didn't think them beautiful.  However, Thurman's prominent nose, and Hepburn's strong jaw, slowly, as I kept seeing them, became the exact part that enhanced and confirmed their beauty.  Am I being crazy here?  I don't know.  I just FEEL like this is true.  Something has to draw your attention to the face.. if everything is proportional/symmetrical, I think your eyes could have a tendency to just glide over it.

Monday, February 27, 2012

trees and the concept of "friendship"

"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" is a common quote.  Wikipedia talks about it. I didn't read it.  

I wrote a poem once. When I was in high school, melodramatic, and heartbroken.  the end of the poem had a few lines to the effect of how if the dude didn't respond to what I said, did I really say it.

And I guess here, I'm back to a question I had in 2007.  when I studied abroad.  And then again in 2009.  when I worked abroad.  and now in 2012. when (surprise) i'm away at grad school.  the question is, if someone doesn't respond or attempt to know what you're doing or even contact you, or basically, if all the overtures of relationship is ignored, does the friendship even exist?

i think some of the most hurtful things are when you go back home and people say "oh! i missed you! how are you doing? what are you up to?"  when really, they could have already had that answer if you know, they once in a while made an attempt to say hi and ask me in person.  we don't write letters. they're already online. is it that hard to drop a line?  well, I guess it IS hard to drop a line.. to a person that you could care less about.  

furthermore, the whole, "don't take it personal" is so crappy.  like how do you not take it personally .. relationships are a very personal, person-oriented thing.  and if you value something, you would want to know it, and see how it's going and how it's growing.  if you really cared about something, it's not about, "when are you coming back?" (so that we can presumable resume our friendship), it's about "how are you doing?"  ... and continue the friendship there.

yes, it's about priorities. and if anything, i'm learning that for many people, i don't even come close to being even a slight priority.

here's where the defensive comments come in.  about how i need to understand people are busy.  how i need to understand that they care.  how i need to understand that i'm being unfair.  how i need to "confront" people instead of "secretly harboring bitterness."  but when it comes down to a conversation that starts with, "hey, i'm feeling ignored.." where do you GO from there?  the other person apologize for an action that they've already been doing. the other person attempts to improve their communication... when it's obviously for the benefit of the person who brought up the issue. everything feels fake and awkward.  if it comes to this, i don't want the relationship.

and i'm not being unfair.  i'm being very fair. and very factual.  life is about priorities.  it's about weighing what's more important.  is McD's more important to me or BK.  Do i care more about my happiness or theirs?  Would I rather sleep or work out?  Do i want to shove my feet into my shoes or retie the laces?  it's all about priorities.  and whether they're automatic habits or carefully wrought decisions, your actions reflect what your priorities are.  and if they don't you have to go back and fix your actions (unless your priority is that you don't care if your actions don't jive with your so-called priorities)....... long story short.  

if there is no communication or even attempts at communication.  if a conversation is such that one side is silent.  does the relationship exist?

The tree philosophers might say YES. the tree exists. YES it's still there.

i'd say no, the relationship doesn't exist. or if it does, it's been revealed to be an extremely shallow one.

why does this suddenly make me cry

Hello Darkness,
My old friend.  I've come to talk with you again.  Because a vision softly creeping left it's seeds while I was sleeping, and the vision that was planted in my brain still remains within the sound of silence.

In restless dreams I walked alone-- narrow streets of cobblestone---'neath the halo of a street lamp.  I turned my collar to the cold and damp when my eyes were stabbed by a flash of a neon light that split the night and touched the sound of silence.  And in the naked light I saw ten thousand people -- maybe more!  People talking without speaking, people hearing without listening, people writing songs that voices never share, and no one dared disturb the sound of silence.

"Fools," said I, "You do not know!  Silence like a cancer grows.  Hear my words that I might teach you; take my arms that I might reach you!"

But my words like silent raindrops fell and echoed in the wells of silence.

And the people bowed and prayed to the neon god they made, and the sign flashed out its warning in the words that it was forming.  And the sign said, "The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenement halls," and whispered in the sounds of silence.

Friday, February 24, 2012

new girl

it grows on you.
at first Zooey Deschanel gets annoying... just because, you know, she does the whole zooey deschanel thing.  if you don't know what i'm talking about, go watch SNL where.. Zooey Deschanel can't really act as anyone except Zooey Deschanel.

oh zooe. good thing you're good at what you do, b/c you've typecasted yourself for life.

anyway, i began watching it b/c my friend said the new girl reminded him of me. i was kind of insulted. until i saw this (link).

Then I laughed... b/c my guy friends hate me for doing everything she does.
Since then, i've been watching. mainly to criticize. mainly to love justin long. mainly to be fascinated by the fact that Nick reminds me of what i feel my high school crush could be right now.. which is not a real compliment to him..  and then the cast keeps getting better.

Especially now, I don't think I'm very similar to her, because.. unlike Jessica Day, I'm not fake stupidcute.  (I know some people who are... but I shouldn't name names. HAH).  ANYWAY, though, there's other parts where she reminds me of some of my close girl friends in high school where we'd do these fake sexy voices of the "oh oh shmiddtayyy"  that Jess does. HAHa. and that makes me laugh too.

anyway the whole point of this is to continue my enjoyment of lists:

My new list

Favorite Schmidt Words:

Monday, February 20, 2012

that you would love me more than her

Across the Universe is a strange movie in that when I watched it, I distinctly remember disliking it.  I watched it in a tiny screen on some international flight at some odd time, so I remember watching it barely conscious, drifting in and out.  I guess the exhausted sleepiness is as close to psychadelia that I'll get...

Anyway, it's interesting because I think of bits of that movie often.  I wouldn't be able to tell you what it's about or what happens, really, but I can tell you that I like it.

Friday, February 17, 2012


A minute ago, it was 11:11pm, and it reminded me of twelve hours ago.  Well, twelve hours and seven minutes ago when I was at Au Bon Pain, getting soup and a muffin.  The boy crouching behind the cash register flashed me a grin, and I obliged a smile while hurriedly getting my food.  I was already seven minutes late.  When I returned to the cash register, for some reason, he was now walking around trying to stamp sticker prices onto items.  I tried to quell my annoyance, but honestly, customer service 101, the customer comes first.  I was tempted to grab my soup and muffin and make a run for it, but my inner socialized conscience and my flabby thighs kept me waiting.  He sauntered over and smiled as he fumbled with the register.  I stared out of the corner of my eye, willing the "closed" on the register to change.  Right then the phone rang.  As he typed into the keyboard for the fifth time, he balanced the phone in the crook of his neck. It was his boss Mike.  They had run out of cookies and the boy had tried to tell him earlier.  The boss was annoyed they ran out of cookies but was sending over a stock soon.  The boy hung up, swiped my credit card and asked me if I wanted the receipt.  I said no.  He tore the receipt off and glanced at it before shrugging slightly and saying, "It's 11:11." he grinned as he crumpled my receipt and tossed it into the trash.  For a split-second I wished I'd taken the receipt.  I smiled again and headed for the elevator.  Sweet kid.  Now it's 11:19pm and I should get back to work.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

the reason why

i'm probably doing all my work on time is  because I have less friends to talk to at home.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Frivol, Drivel, Snivel

I was looking at the list of American Idol winners after watching the Grammy's the other night.
I realized it doesn't matter if you win, you just have to make top two to have a decent chance at making it big afterwards.  Also, if you stick to country, you'll definitely have a fighting chance since that following is just so darn loyal.  This is also probably why American Idol is your best bet.  All the other music shows, you get some fame, but not that much.  Except for Leona Lewis, I really don't know anybody from any other reality TV show who managed to make it big in the music world.  Maybe Pentatonix? (Not really).

American Idol Season 1 (2002) Winner: Kelly Clarkson; Runner-Up: Justin Guarini (who? exactly).  The first of her kind, and really amazing.  She went through her ups and downs with the music industry, but has definitely learned to navigate on her own.  And how much do I love her friendship with Blake and Miranda (yes, I'm not a first name basis with them).
American Idol Season 2 (2003) Winner: Ruben Studdard; Runner-Up: Clay Aiken.  Both of them were dealt the blow of fameless infamy... not even.  I think Ruben Studdard makes gospel albums.   I have no idea where Aiken is and I'm too lazy to wiki him.  
American Idol Season 3 (2004) Winner: Fantasia BarrinoRunner-Up: Diana DeGarmo.  I remember hearing the name Fantasia thrown around.  Have no idea where these peeps are.  
American Idol Season 4 (2005) Winner: Carrie UnderwoodRunner-Up: Bo Bice (who?).  WHOOO Carrie Underwood! Another country star!
American Idol Season 5 (2006) Winner: Taylor HicksRunner-Up: Katharine McPhee.  I thought Katharine McPhee was the winner here!  but I guess it was Taylor Hicks.. and I feel that both of them have faded.

American Idol Season 6 (2007) Winner: Jordin SparksRunner-Up:Blake Lewis.  Oh so THAT'S where Jordin Sparks came from!  I thought she was a Disney star - turned singer!

American Idol Season 7 (2008) Winner: David CookRunner-Up: David Archuleta.  Another example where the runner-up outshines the winner.  

American Idol Season 8 (2009) Winner: Kris AllenRunner-Up: Adam Lambert.  and yet ANOTHER one where the runner-up outshines the winner.

American Idol Season 9 (2010) Winner: Lee DeWyzeRunner-Up: Crystal Bowersox.  I guess this year was a dud.  Who are these people?

American Idol Season 10 (2011) Winner: Scotty McCreeryRunner-Up: Lauren Alaina. And Both these two blow it out of the water.  They're both in country.  Coincidence?  I think not!

Honestly, I never really got hooked on American Idol, for some reason.  Maybe it got too repetitive or something.  Or, I just never connected with the judges.  Loving The  Voice.  Loved The Sing Off.  Can stand to watch random youtube clips of the X Factor for hours on end.  And to all you snobby purists:

You go, Adam Levine!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


that's the type of literature that I think is the new American literature.
It's a new word that I learned today.
Where the literature is bilingual.

Comp lit is the new American lit!
(That would've been my phD topic if I were going to be litracha docta!)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Beauty and the Geek

So began watching Season 2... and it's pretty fun/ny.

I watch it, and I think gosh, i'm really smart.  In both pop culture AND tech stuff.  Whoo!  haha.

Except, as soon as I think I'm smart, I just realize, gosh, these people are really dumb.. and i'm dumb for competing with them.  (you know, like how you shouldn't race a 5 year old?)

I'm sad b/c my favorite geeks are being eliminated.. in such close rounds too :(
I liked Brandon a lot.  He was like this awkward but smart and nice and not too awkward guy.  the kind that wears an okay shirt but then tucks it into his ill-fitting jeans.. with a belt.  He slicked his hair to the side too.  PLUS I liked Amanda too.  She had a really ferocious look about her in a cool way.

I liked Tyson :(  He was so asian. haha.  Except Thais, his partner, was cute, but REALLY dumb.

AT the end, when both eliminees reflect, the girl says how much the guy became comfortable.. (which i think just happens b/c geeks are pretty normal when they get comfortable), but when the guy says the girl is really intelligent and beautiful inside out, i snorted when Tyson said that about Thais.  because .. she was just ... lol.

The geeks are so funny.
And the girls' commentaries on them are so funny/stupid too.

Actually, Chris is kind of bitter and scary.  He needs to change.

The other guys are ok.  The guy that looks like Napoleon Dynamite is kinda creepy too.

My favorite is Josh.  His POV is awesome.  And he's such a nerd. hahaha.  Poor him.  He has Cher as his partner and she's cutthroat and scary.

and there's this one brunette who just sounds like a blonde.  I love interviews with her.  B/c she's so blonde.. and so clueless about it.. and pretty sweet actually.

"You know what, I look so good, I'd hook up with myself" - Josh. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Voice

Began watching the voice on hulu.

Dude, I always liked Blake Shelton; he has the nicest eyes and most intense gaze ever, but Adam Levine, even though his music creeps me out, is seriously the hottest guy ever.

I heard that christina aguilera goes tranny here, but she's not.. thaaat. bad. and i love her voice.

cee-lo. meh.  he seems so shady. maybe it's the shades.

actual voice-wise, there are only a few that really stick out to me ...

the song / voice that stuck out to me most is the singer from the Lowe's commercial that kept on popping up during the breaks.
I looked it up:

love it.

Monday, January 2, 2012

I don't usually do these but...

1) Sleep in the PM.
If i sleep on time, I'll wake up on time.
If I wake up on time, I won't be rushed.
Sleeping is a good discipline.
If i'm disciplined in sleeping, it will help me be disciplined in other areas. Mainly in spending time with the Lord. and being neat.
1a - spend time with God regularly
1b - be neat
1c- don't procrastinate.

2) Exercise more. (regularly)
I would like to wear a pair of size 2/3 Lucky brand jeans by the time Spring rolls around.
I would also like to not have soft arms for my brother to jiggle }:(
2a - eat healthier
2b - eat less desserts

3) Listen more
Don't monopolize
Think before you disagree
Think if it's worth disagreeing with.