Monday, March 22, 2010

Distance to drop movie and  back home: 2-3K
distance from home to park = .5 K
Park laps walked: 2 X 1.1
park laps jogged = 2X1.1

total: at least 7 K


I am on my way to 9 K!

Some things i learned:
If you find a gooood running partner (IE Tracy!!!) with whom you can talk, you can
1) regulate your breathing and prevent cramps
2) keep running!  the whole time without stopping
3) make time go by fast
4) learn new things
5) and only feel semi bad that your pace is the same pace as a mom pushing her 4 year old daughter in a stroller!  (still we ran it!)

When you run in the city, esp. in Taiwan, you smell a LOT of smells... and burning exhaust. yuck yuck.
BUT it also passes by fast because you see lots of visual "milestones", have to constantly dodge people and cars, and so it doesn't feel that long.

anyway go me!

(go kathy!)

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