Friday, March 5, 2010


Setting: Selina and I are on our separate computers. The door burst open and Dr. Owens comes in.

Dr. Owens: I just had to share this with you; this is just too good.

Selina and I turn around and give him our full attention; smiling and excited to hear this.

Dr. Owens (with gestures and self-pleased smile): A girl just made a graphic for the yearbook of the cougar - no a Jaguar.. a jaguar, but it has these red eyebrows and they just couldn't get it off. just couldn't get it off! so i told her don't worry, come Monday, I'll bring the Visine.

Dr. Owens smiles expectantly.

Selina and I are just blank.

Dr. Owens: You know; visine.. I'll bring the visine. Haven't you heard of Visine - it gets the red out?

Me (smiling but confused and laughing): Oh I'm sorry Dr. Owens!

Dr. Owens: You don't know?

Me: Oh! I feel so bad; you were so excited to tell us and we just don't get it!

Dr. Owens shrugs and leaves.

Selina: Different generations...

Me: Yeah.. maybe.

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