Tuesday, May 24, 2011

joy williams

I remember listening to Joy Williams in middle school/high school.  She was the pretty blonde girl that my 'oppa' (seriously, only guy in history beside my cousins that i'd maybe call oppa) had a FATTY crush on.

She had an interesting voice.


found this song on my friend's blog.  thought she looked familiar (b/c of her mouth), but couldn't tell because she's now a brunette.

"Poison & Wine is a musical snapshot about the dichotomy of love - that while it can be the thing that destroys you, it can also be the very same thing that beckons and builds you. JP and I are both married have been for several years now - and we got to talking one day about what a tug and pull our individual relationships can be. The longer you know someone - and the longer you allow someone to know you - the more the light and shadows inside each person become more vivid. This song was our attempt at being as brutally honest about the dangerous and beautiful process of knowing and being known." (-Joy Williams, The Civil Wars).

it IS joy Williams!

"I don't love you, but I always will". makes me sad. hah.hahaa.

I wonder what it's like to sing in a duo with someone but be married to someone else. It's one thing to like sing occasionally, I think, maybe totally different to be in a DUO group. Anyway, excited to look into the Civil Wars a little more!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

"50 Easy Ways to Eat Green" Adapted from Bon Appetit - Feb 09 Issue

So yeah, some of them are lame / too extreme.  But it's always nice to know and pick out a few to apply.  
I bolded things that I like/do, I italicized my comments, and I grayed stuff I won't be doing.

1. Eat fair trade organic chocolate
good idea - more expensive, i'll eat less, and it'll be a treat. plus i don't like the way hershey's tastes anymore
2. Boil Once, cook twice: (ie: boil noodles, then poach shrimp/fish... toss with olive oil, tada!)
3. Fill up your freezer: uses less energy
4. Read in Defense of Food (shorter than Omni's Dilemma)
5. Eat Bison: best way to save a species is to eat it.  
6. Ask a farmer if they are

  • certified organic
  • if not, use organic practices? (b/c organic certs. are expensive/lengthy)
  • if not, non-synthetic pesticides?
  • if pesticides, minimal spraying?
If they answer yes to any of these questions, it means they're being conscientious.. sure.

7. Every time you peek into an oven, it loses 25-50F
8. (How to) buy a side of beef

  1. Find a group to go with (about 4-6 families since a side of beef ~200lb after butchering).  Each family will get ~50lbs for about $4.50/lb
  2. Make sure you have storage space - Energy star-rated chest freezer
  3. Ask around at a farmer's market for a local producer or go to eatwild.com
  4. Look for grass-fed beef and arrange to get it delivered to a nearby slaughterhouse
  5. Choose cuts: standard side of beef breaks down to about 10 roasts, 30 steaks, and 50 lb ground.

9. cook more often 
(no shiza sherlock)
10.  Roast a whole chicken (less processing, less packaging = less waste; use left over bones to make own stock and save a can)
Don't know how much saving 1 can would do for the environment...but yeah!
11.  Use less electricity by being better with your knife - stop using a food processor 
(or go for a manual one like this; we got a pretty good one from Korea- easy salsa, easy garlic mincing)
12.  Eat alaskan wild salmon: wildpacificsalmon.com
13.savor sardines   If you want something less fishy: mybela.com
(ooh the korean in me loves me some kkongchi!)
14. Get nuts/grains from bulk bin section: less packaging/processing
15. Plant heirloom veggie garden (heirloomseeds.com)
16. Learn how to read a a label

  • Product of USA (greener than global = you know where it's from)
  • Local (closer the better)
  • Organic (free from chemical pesticides)
  • Natural (doesn't mean much: just means that no artifical ingerdients or colors)
  • Free-Range (means they have "access" to outdoors, but usually overcrowded/dirty pen - not really green)
  • Certified Humane Raised and Handled (super green)
  • Fair Trade Certified (requires companies pay fair prices to farmers/producers who treat workers well and cultivate land sustainably) - transfairusa.org

17. Barramundi: a US-raised white fish
18. Make your own coffee

19. Recycle take-out containers and reuse sturdier ones 
Sometimes reusing the plastic is actually not good for you...
20. make stock with leftover veggies from veggie bin
21. Make your own cereal
22.  Join a CSA: localharvest.org/csa
(I am a part of farm fresh to you.  So far so good!)
23.  Eat American cheese!

  • artisan: made in small batches w/ special attn to trad'l art of cheesemaking
  • farmstead: cheese is from milk from the farmer's own flock/heard
  • cheesesociety.org

24.  When buying fish, text fishphone: 30644 with word FISH followed by the name of the fish you want to buy: it tells you if the variety is good for you/world
25.  Veg out
meatless mondays, anyone?
26. Turn off lights when you leave the kitchen
see comment #9
27.  Clean with nontoxic, organic soap (jrwatkins.com)/sponges (twistclean.com)
28. Start composting
mayyyybe..... it's a loooot of work...
29. Eat grass-fed beef
mayyyybe.... i heard it actually doesn't taste that good b/c we're used to corn-fed.  I'm just limiting overall beef consumption
30. Become an urban forager (fallenfruit.org)
LOL - my parents were doing this before it was hip
31.  Eat Sustainable shrimp
32.  Eat free food
See comment #9
33.  Heritagefoodsusa.com = get on their mail list
34.  eat sustainable sushi (seafoodwatch.org)
35.  Become a locavore: eat foods that have been grown/produced near your home (100milediet.org/get-started/map)
This would suck if you didn't live in CA
36.  Bike
37.  Support your local green restaurant (eatwellguide.org)
38.  Get a stainless steel lunch box (like Bento!)
39.  Eat more tofu
(but i also heard if guys eat too much, they're estrogen levels will fly up)
40.  Don't let tea water get scalding/whistling hot: bring it only to a boil
41.  Use your dishwasher efficiently  (energy star-rated are even better)
42. Reuse plastic bags OR get a good grocery tote
43.  Mix your drinks:  Try boxed wine (threethieves.com)
44.  Take the leftovers to go
wow, you can really tell this magazine is for rich people... of COURSE you take the leftovers home!
45.  Pack a lunch
46.  Support your local winemaker
47.  Read Edible Estates: to see how to turn lawns into productive vegetable gardens
48.  Eat the greens of the plant instead of throwing them away
49.  Plan your paper use (ie use washcloths instead of paper towels)
50.  Recycle the magazine.

From this list I realized, Asians were green WAY before it was cool to be green.  Simply because we're industrious, wastenotwantnot people... who pickle EVERYTHING instead of throwing it away.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

secretariat pt 2

okay, so the ending was crazy.
i love races
that horse was so beautiful
everything was so beautiful.

smiling family, good sportsmanship, striking actors/actresses, and a great soundtrack. just great sound/music choices.

i dono.. WHAt exactly the message is.
i'm going to write about this later.

basically the reason i want to though is b/c my mom likes this so much.
and maybe i just have a lot of personal issues that i want to work out.

but basically......... i just don't like it when a lot of issues gets merged into one.  in this movie, a lot of issues got merged into one main issue, when it wasn't that.  anyway yeah.


so my mom LOVES this movie.
and i watched it.

and i'll say a few things later, but i wanted to say this now.

during the scene where the woman looks at the horse and "communicates"... i used to LOVE those moments.  I'm sad that I don't care about animal-people connections anymore.  Or that I scoff at it.

Actually, i'm not sad that I don't care.. I'm just sad that I changed.

HAHa. because I don't like change.

I used to LOVE horses.  like really love them.  like.. pretend my bicycle was a horse and neigh like a horse and feed the next door neighbor's horse licorice stalks.... and read all the black stallion books and watch all the movies.

the end.

i still like unicorns. hehehehehehehehehe

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

random answered prayers about church

Or stuff that I didn't even pray about that happened!

* babies.
I remember at EBCB freshman year, I was really disappointed because there were only 2 babies, Elijah and Sammy, and both babies were shy.  Now, there's like a gazillion.  and ALL of them LOVE me the MOST!  (or they will...>:])

*youth group
Ditto above.  Except they don't know me, and I'm not a part of it (yet).  But I'm excited.... it's exciting.  When I came to EBCB, we started EAT in order to try to reach kids that way and start a youth group.  But the youth group just sort of started with other kids.. and that's just cool.

*local mercy ministries
In the beginning of this year, PJ told us that he wants our church to engage in more local, compassion work (ie expand on what we have currently).  That just sounds super cool (since I'm not sure how it will practically be worked out), and it's an answered prayer!

*a bosom friend
This prayer/desire was answered differently.  I think I spent the first 20 years of my life looking for my own Diana Barry.  I think over the years, God taught me people come and go, and that He's created me to be able to continue to keep in touch and keep up my relationships.... I think learning that, and learning that not everyone was "like me" helped resolve a lot of hurt and has resulted in a lot of new, sweet companions.

*connection with my pastors
You know that your relationship with your pastor's not great when after your first sermon, you never wanted to come back.  (To be fair, my first sermon at EBCB was on celibacy (1 Corinthians 7), the bus had broken down so I had to sit on this plastic non-seat in Sara (then Oh, now) Kwun's car, and EBCB had uncomfortable pews!).  Then afterwards, if you inform the pastor that you "don't agree with most of what he has to say but you like the people"....  oh golly.

Anyway, long story short, I love PJ, his family, his integrity, his teaching, his leadership. wahoo.

*older people
I think the median and mode of ages at EBCB my freshman year was .. like 22.  Now, it's definitely older, more diverse...  i loooooove that.  I *really* didn't want to go to a "Korean" church.  I think around my junior year, we hit the milestone of "maybe there's more Chinese people than Koreans!" and now, it's just a mixup  (although it's still heavily Asian. but now I love Asia too. so that's great!)

Okay, this was not a prayer request EVER. but seriously, our lunches are getting so much better. hahahha.  (I mean, i came from this larger Korean church that served hefty gomtangs and bibimbaps for lunch...that I always got for free (usually $2) since I always knew the parents manning the $. hah)  And please (with all due respect), I know some people like it, but can we please phase out that white rice+cheese+broccoli+chicken dish FOREVER?  It's so random that even when it's fully cooked and warm with tapatio, my brain gets very confused.   :-D

Okay wow, the end.
(I originally intended to only write about babies and local compassion ministries...)