Friday, December 31, 2010

a xanga-charmed kinda life.

whilst going through my xanga looking for something, came across this. hehehe.  Even the comments are funny.  (tree = dcheng, smoovy=janet, i'm sure you can figure out the rest)

Tuesday November 15, 2005
i've decided... screw 13+ unit schedules..  i'm gonna take it easy next semester. if i can't handle this.. then... yeah.
so no Korean til next year.. and maybe i'll take spanish.. no philosophy though.
no way!
im gonna die..
no.. it's just bc.. i have no self discipline...  i'm becoming a lot cleaner though
man.. pj's overconfidence sermon came one week too late :-(  no wait! what am i saying!.. it's all in God's timing eh? hahahahahhaha <-- being so...... BC.. hahaha... biblically correct. lol. ... nerd -__-
at night, convos are so much more funnier.. you HAVE to admit.. this IS funny
salsallysal: i am no shmuck
salsallysal:  i am a sal
play with 1000 C: you're stunning sal
salsallysal:  hehe
salsallysal:  you're jUUUicY!!
salsallysal: our sns should be that
salsallysal:  lol
play with 1000 C: ....
salsallysal: juicy junia
salsallysal: stunning sally
salsallysal: or silly sally
salsallysal: or.. shmucky sally : (
salsallysal:  jiggly janet
salsallysal: tehehe
play with 1000 C:WWJD.
play with 1000 C: we want janet dead
play with 1000 C:HAHAHAH
salsallysal: wHY WON'T janet die
play with 1000 C: when will Janet die?

i love janet.
and you know how in shakespeare, whenever bad unnatural things happen (ie the bad guy kills the good guy) nature goes bezerko! .. well, the wind is CRAZY right now. it's HOWLING. it's breaking stuff. it throws leaves into my eyes..  I believe this natural phenomenon is a protest against the horrible mean things Bezerkeley is doing to me.  the bad guy (berkeley) is trying to take the good guy's (me) throne..  or its trying to kill me.. by giving me all this work. and that's why the wind is howwwling like no other.

Posted 11/15/2005 at 4:55 AM

wooooo!!! 13 unit schedules!!!!

I have to agree, late night conversations are much more nutty.
Posted 11/15/2005 at 5:42 AM by oOoOoTreeoOoOo
but i LOVE janet!

hahaha you guys were all online as i was typing xanga and readin glinguistics articles about eskimos -_-
Posted 11/15/2005 at 5:44 AM by BethXnesS
Posted 11/15/2005 at 11:37 AM by HaEjEaNjUnG
EXCUSE ME! i do not appreciate that you try to mix and match wwjd for my death!!!
Posted 11/15/2005 at 11:49 AM by smoovy
i'm not understand this uc credit system! explain, hunia. (i'm taking spanish, now, so i can pronounce it like that.)
Posted 11/15/2005 at 11:59 AM by neophile
I want you alive and well, Janet =D


Junia, I read your survey thing. You touch me at unexpected times =)

And the wind WAS going crazy today...but I'm not sure I get your explanation -.-;
Posted 11/15/2005 at 5:56 PM by lenakim
oh unnee if you haven't ordered those shoes yet, can you put the address to our address? it might be easier for you. and i will pay you back when you come down for thanksgiving. and oma is letting us use the heater again!!!!!! wooot!
and you are strange.
Posted 11/15/2005 at 8:48 PM by ONEbLeedingGirL

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

with friends like shmalice...

me: we can commute tochurch ogether

and go to ebcsv bible study
and THEN u can make the switch
and we can live togehter
for ever

Alice: and then we should get married.

me: .................
i dont swing that way
i told you thatbefore
but, if it's shaking you up
then, well

Alice: you're basically dropping the towel

me: we gotta cool it.

Alice: into my face


Thursday, December 23, 2010

eyes like the clouds, puffy

when dreams are more pleasant than reality, of course you’d want to waste your time away in bed.
i had 2 great dreams last night. vivid too. mm.

Friday, December 17, 2010


maybe i'll do this:  not apply to harvard this year.. i just feel like i don't have a strong application.. i dont know faculty, i have good ideas but not a lot of experience... i am just a piglet in a world of boars...
and if i don't get into any schools at all, apply to SJ State, be really active in the  blogosphere / read a lot of harvard profs (to learn about research), get my teaching credential... and during that time, apply to an MA program.. and go for 2012-2013.


i wish i'd been more proactive early.


instead of chatting online like an idiot.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

thoughts flowing thru my brain

owie pimple
food inc made me sad/grossed out/overwhelmed
sad: people that are used/abused (gave me a different perspective on illegal immigrants)
grossed out:  animal mass production is le nast
overwhelmed: i don't want to spend more $$ on food.  i don't want to forgo reese's peanut butter cups.

i checked out percy jackson #3..
should i go to bed like a responsible adult or stay up and read?

maybe.. just the first few chapters?...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

mockingjay *spoiler*

so, hunger games.
i didn't like mockingjay, all throughout.
was it just me or did she switch to first person?
that made things difficult.
collins is smart.
she kept you guessing.
before even reading the book, i told people, i didn't know how i wanted the series to end.  i didn't know how the series could possibly end well.
i must admit the prose wasn't as riveting, there were no parts where the tears ran down my cheeks.
granted finnick and cinna all had places in my heart.. but for the most part, i impatiently skimmed through sections, bored by the training, bored by the angst, bored by misunderstanding.

and in the end, it made sense that she ended with peeta, no matter how much i preferred gale.  again, that theme of complements and how gentleness overrides passion once again proves true..
something about humility, earnestness, humanity, weakness ..

in that twisted capitol. with twisted characters. twisted minds.  and the only honest being is the purported villain snow.  and the roses.  and prim.  and i knew the cat would come back.  somehow somewhere.  i knew that gale's anger would backfire. (being able to predict important devices.. if not the plot is something i can thank my grade school education)  but collins was still subtle.  this book was definitely heavier.  something i appreciate about both collins and rowling .. is how they took a lighter book and definitely evolved it to make their audiences think.

hunger games.  definitely a fun series.  depressing. makes you think about people..
i love. scifi.
i probably wouldn't read this again.

i loved the first one the best.  the second one was even more amazing in terms of torrents of emotions.  the third was subdued emotionally, frustrating, but it ended well. and props for that.. for convincing me that this was the ending....

it doesn't help that midway through the book (begun around 3 am) it began to gently rain.............

oh dear.

6:37am.  should i wake up?

why bother

my uc berk app sucked
and for my stanford app, i messed up on the recommendors part... so i basically just submitted 3 edu. recs rather than a professional one.. and that sucks.

i also realized i've been flaking and i should've notified faculty earlier.

so i kind of just want to throw in the towel and try again next year.

b/c this is definitely not my best foot forward.

and i feel sucky sucky sucky.

in a God is sovereign, hold plans loose kind of way.

haha ........

i just mess up a LOT.
and they're all preventable mistakes.
that's what bugs me.

it's like... i'm a neat, orderly, anal person locked up inside a clumsy, impulsive, mistake-prone person.  HELP HELP ME OUT!

i'm like a perfect, explosive mixture of my mom and my dad. -___- groan.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


so i'm at college track and even though i feel REALLY awkward.. it's a chill place and i really enjoy it..

i got hired for writing.
bUT i'm actually tutoring a lot of geometry, algebra 2 and pre-calc.

i like it.  but it's embarrassing trying to brush up on my theorems / proofs.. and remembering stuff....


explaining ...

and here are some crucial words/phrases i forgot:
cube root
SAS/SSS/ASA ... etc

as i tutor in these subjects, i flip flop between feelings of "WOW i'm a GENIUS" and "WOW i'm STUPID"

the most awkward parts is helping a student with Spanish when another latino student is sitting at my table. -_-  my accent sucks now...