Monday, March 1, 2010

so i guess i *DID* miss my dad!

Because after he left, I felt empty for a while! WOW.

You know, there's certain phrases I always laugh at or think about .. and i realize it's because of a long line of inside jokes with my dad. With my dad, they're mainly fob-jokes and he laughs at them a lot. No one else really does.

for example, I told my dad about how the flight attendant at Asia Air (YAGH no frills super cheap.. DEFinITELy DOn'T ride UNLESS you got a SUPER CHEAP Deal.. they make SURE you get NO Frills.. NOT EVEN WATER!!!!! (unless you pay for bottled)) said... "Have a presen- have a ples..ident flight!" AHAHAHAH. so funny right? well maybe not really; no one else guffawed. but my dad smirked .. because it's funny!

and these are other phrases

"I am not responsibility." (a fob "once said" that instead of "i am not responsible)

"You know ramen?" (You know what I mean --> you know I mean? --> you knorrimean...)

"I am determination!" (instead of I am determined)

adding any sort of +tion to a gerund or participle. (i LOVE how I know that now)

"flied lice"


any poop/booger jokes.

I also realized my dad's stories begin with 'i knew a guy who..' or "once there was this guy who..." and recently I realized those weren't TRUE.. but just stemmed from that part in your brain where you think "what if there was this guy who..."

I know that because I have a habit of doing that too. Putting my theoreticals into objective memories that never happened. I think that's lying. Or it's a habit I'm trying not to do anymore; exaggerate or tell stories as if they were true.

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