Friday, February 26, 2010

Oh the irony

email excerpt from daddyO

Junia, you will do well with English. You just need to do one
practice test for math. Remember, what the question is asking.
Sometimes the question is looking for the difference, not the final
number. GRE is easier than SAT, I heard, because many people out of
school is taking it.

that MATH is easy; GRE vocab is crazy hard; so is its reading comprehension. See I hate antonyms because it's just testing for straight up vocab memorization. At least sentence completions you can see the context and for analogies you can build bridges; but antonyms are so stressful and then I end up picking synonyms. :-/

And Math isn't that easier.. but I think .. I'll be okay.

Arrived in Thailand.
and the place I'm staying at, Bankok Hospitality Center is a Baptist hostel that's really hidden away. Thankfully the Wakefields told me about it and WOW, it's SO nice.
I'll explain more later.

or now.

Basically it's self check in, self sign up for breakfast, self pay, self everything.
I thought i'd be getting a tiny room but I have this large room with one full bed, 2 twins, and 1 baby bed.
They charge by person/night. 400baht/night.

I'm savin like a ... raven?

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