Friday, October 21, 2011


I was watching this and I felt sad because I miss those old sepia toned movies, where there's the quick, bantering dialogue and the relative sweetness.  Seeing those 4 guys harmonizing and singing together, looking young and sharp, smiling, it's sad.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Good bye Steve Jobs

I only got on the Steve Jobs fan club in this past year.  Mainly because as I worked at College Track (co-founded by his wife) and began to play around with Apple stuff, I realized he knew what he was doing.
I appreciate just his hard work, his creative genius, how he opened the doors for other young eager entrepreneurs to continue.

I'm mainly writing though because I feel sad for his family.  Okay, I never actually face-to-face met Laurene Powell Jobs... I once saw her back at the Justin Bieber College Track benefit concert.  BUT at least that humanizes the family a bit for me.  And I'm sad that there was so much stock shakiness when Steve Jobs would take leaves of absence.  I'm sad that people freaked out about APL when he decided to resign.  I'm sad that he didn't resign earlier ... (I feel like maybe he tried but then for the sake of people freaking out, maybe he came back?)

I just wish he had had more time with his family. I dono.  . :/