Tuesday, March 2, 2010

sonia - why are you so hard to me?

It feels like
your heart isn't big enough
your resolve isn't strong enough
your brain isn't large enough
your patience isn't long enough
the rewards aren't big enough
the love is nonexistent
and when the tide seems to slow enough
the storm clouds out the vision

but though the desert's hot enough
the mountains dot the horizon
promising that sand and dust
combines with a hope arisen

to produce a sunset bright enough;
to contrast a moon that's wide enough
to put your sorrows and their trust
back into hands bedizened *
with faith that is enough
and care that could heal enough
wounds of the hardened tough
in time that is short enough
to take the stuff that weakens us
that which makes us human enough
to love beyond what
I feel capable of doing.

* don't like this word; but like the sound.

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