Friday, March 5, 2010


so, lately i've been psyching myself out.
today i went home and walked upstairs in the dark. i quickly darted into my room and avoided the closet as my coat was hanging and I kept on thinking "what if my coat was a man?" i quickly went to turn on the bathroom light and made sure nobody was following me.

afterwards, as i walked downstairs in the dark (i don't like to switch my lights on and off) i kept on thinking what if someone was following me? and was waiting behind me to knock me down the stairs? because of the bathroom light, my eyes hadn't adjusted to the dark of the stairwell, so i groped ahead holding the bannister and reaching with my foot. in the mirror reflection i saw myself and then thought "what if that isn't me, but is someone behind me about to kill me?"

then i walked downstairs and quickly looked behind me twice to make sure no one was after me.

then i actually did feel scared and heart pumpy and quickly switched on my living room lights.

the end.

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  1. junia junia. you write so much. you're funny and delightful. iii missss yoouuuu!!!