Saturday, March 13, 2010

fairest of them all

seriously? really? seriously?
FIVE MINUTES outside when the sun came out.
I took them outside to read and while the tidy little taiwanese children sat in the shade, i declared I wanted a tan, rolled up my sleeves, and stuck my smiling visage into the face of the sky.

and that day my face felt itchy and pink.

"Am i red?"
"Whoa, what happened?"
"I don't know!"

I wear my SPF15 face moisturizer everyday.

so WHY then, WHY is my face peeling and itchy?

A sunburn from five minutes in the sun?

really Earth? Taiwan? Sun? Skin?

I guess I should stay in Asia under a little sunbrella for the rest of my life. either that or risk being a marshmallow among a sea of nice tan Californians. :-/

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