Saturday, March 6, 2010


So some asked what happened to 5am club.

well it died after i went to Thailand.
I revived it on Friday.. at 5:45am.. :-/

buut i woke up today at 8:30am on a SATURDAY; which is CRAZYtalk. so I'm pleased. I probably won't wake up too early on Sunday just because Sunday I need all my juices.

okay; so today I went to Taipei Mainstation with Mrs. and Dr. Owens to go buy cloth... (i'm playing around with sewing veils/bridal shrugs) and they introduced me to this amazing ice cream place. Two scoops for 35NT for GREAT not watery ice cream!!!!!

and then later i went to her place so she could alter my skirts for me.

I bought two a-line skirts from Korea but alas they were too big. and awkward.

So... Today I tried it on to figure out how much she needed to put in.. and... THEY FIT!

so i was one unhappy camper and I guess I won't be frequenting the 2-scoop-35NT ice cream stand any more.

and i guess i'll be going jogging with kathy again.

and i guess i'll stop making myself fudge and chocolate candies to eat at work.


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