Monday, March 22, 2010


First off, gotta say, CUTE concept.

But here are my issues
* first of all, ain't he a little too forward?
* second of all, you can't SMELL gerbera daisies.  Anyone smell one before?  Smell one and you'll know; gerbera daisies aren't fragrant
* also, by now, wouldn't you go back and get your laundry?
* aren't you a little creeped out by a guy playing guitar in the laundromat?
* then in the final scene, I thought he had decorated the laundromat and I honestly thought, "Aww how cute!"  which was followed by, "How much SWEETER would it be if he had finished her laundry!"  .. but he didn't.  Instead, they slowdanced in a random patio... which brings me to my final point
*the dancing scene captures his prepubescent awkwardness only highlighted by his slightly feminine voice.  First of all, she's taller.  Second of all, he looks like a girl.

The end


  1. aahahah junia.. i really like this song..

    but dude

    he looks like he's wearing purplish pink lip gloss.

    she's like a full grown woman and he looks SO tiny compared to her.. they should have cast a skinny petite girl.

    and yeah.. he's being creepy.

  2. hahah
    i agree with janet. he looks 10 and the girl looks almost 17. also, seriously how old is he? i don't condone this prepubescent dating.

  3. oh..and his hair is so distracting. it looks like darth vader's helmet

  4. i love you girls. so much. in heaven, what are we going to talk about? hopefully the angel of music will have an emo haircut.

    WAIT.. i think i got angel of music from Phantom of the Opera.. not the Bible. =_=

    and he's 16.