Tuesday, August 3, 2010

i turned 23 today

a friend told me to find some time to be alone. i asked why. reason being (from what i recollect...) thankfulness.

anyways, i've been busy today. complete with breakfast by my chef of a dad. an hour-long sat verbal test that i whizzed thru without re-checking for a job, cleaning like mad, laundry, being sporadically scared by my brother (who literally opens my door and roars...), ate naengmyun with rena, flew to socal, saw california from a bird's eye view!!!!!!!!, saw hannah hyun's new place, had dinner at Beppo's with beloved old and new friends, and came home and.. am.. contemplating quitting school.


"Happy 23rd Birthday to my princess daughter.  May our good Lord bless and keep you profound and sound! Mom & Dad"

Since mom is in japan right now, safe to say my dad wrote that! haha.

i have a weird relationship with my dad.  most of you don't really know him.  you think you do, but you don't. that's because i have a fierce pride and won't let you see the unhappy things unless it's something that would make him look good.  anyway, i like this card because there's tenderness there that he tries to brush over with something holy sounding-ish that's balanced with something that he thinks is witty...

we've progressed over the years.. from his bbq helper / car luggage unloader / heavy lifter / toenail cutter / water getter / sermon illustration to PRINCESS! HA!

i don't think i'm overanalyzing, and no, i'm not procrastinating.

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