Tuesday, August 17, 2010


in specks

i remember trying to grab that lady's face into memory, so that I could look it up later.

she had small smiling eyes
dirty blond hair
a larger, wider, upper lip

i remember i was shopping with kathy equite- she needed shoes for school and it was the last day of a fantastic sale so she bought a lot to choose later.. but I looked at them and said she just needed to buy a GOOD pair now instead of buying a bunch and trying to return them.  So amidst the gunshots and firings (I have no idea), i looked through the shoes with her.  they were SO ugly!  there was a chartreuse toed one.. umm some other random colored ones, a dirty gold one, and i told her she should just buy a sensible black mid-heel.. and we went looking for it... and i remember thinking she should've gotten silver shoes if she wanted to have some extra pizazz....  (hehehehehe Kathy, Grace and I had a LOT of shoe drama in Taiwan.. especially Grace.. hahahahahha!!!)

anyway i was with a group of people i knew, and i was hid away in a car to escape.. and gah! it was so vivid but now that i'm grasping, i can't remember it.

i think I was the blond lady.. but then I was WATCHING her.. on TV

b/c she was apparently the mom of the two girls with cystic fibrosis who are on America's Got Talent right now.  and she was singing with them.

and THEN there was this GUY's voice singing.. i think the song was called "The Search" and I REMEMBER YOUTUBING it.. and it was SUCH A good song. It was a country song! and it was THEIR song.

and i think what happened was the guy and her split after the traumatic experience.

oh yeah

so we're driving down the freeway and cars from the OTHER side are flipping into ours, in the far left lane, and we're like in the sand.. and then i had to crawl through the sand (But i was still going 80 mph) and we were trying to escape, and people behind me weren't tailgating me. anyway, i was like swimming and then changed to an army crawl.

i think after that, it was over and she was alone OH YEAH she WAS PREGNANT WITH TWINS.  and anyway they were reunited b/c she heard that song and it was "their song."

what a dramatic dream.

i think she sooort of looked like Barbra Streisand.    but now, around 11, it hit me, that i had this dream.. and that there was a great song on it.. and it's killing me that I can't figure out the song.

i wake up tired from my dreams often .

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