Thursday, July 29, 2010

in my class

there is a guy in my class
and he has the most fantastic laugh.
it's youthful, invigorating, ringing, clear and genuinely amused and happy.

there is a girl in my class
and she's the kind of girl that you feel like you've known.
she has the most kiddish, smile, an awkward, comfortable, slightly haphazard demeanor
a free spirit with sense, exuberance, and passion for kids.

there is a woman in my class
who holds a strong sense of identity in her roots
and you can tell she has experience and knows how to love
she calls me cutie and compliments me like my mom would.

there is a girl in my class
and her features are so bold and slightly neurotic
she's so intense and slightly ditzy; she's fun.

there is a guy in my class
and he has a great speaking voice and a great presence
he makes you feel like anything he says is right, in a laid back, "i'm sure you understand," intelligently knowledgeable sort of way.

there is a man in my class
with red hair, and a slightly chauvinistic, tough-dad demeanor
i think it's cool he's an english teacher

he has a buddy that he always sits with
who is even more of an old-school father, who sports his ring proudly
and finishes his essays on time or early or in the morning.

there is a woman in my class
and she is the mother of boys with mexican names
and she is tough, and is always smiling, and is quick to laugh.

there is a girl in my class
and she has vivid blue eyes, and curly blond hair
and a mole above her chin that looks like a lip ring.
i love to look at her when i can.

there is another girl in my class
and she has a frightened, timid look; like a mouse
she's not though; i like her hesitant smiles.

there is a girl in my class
and she has great posture, loves literature, and tries hard
she probably gets straight As, crosses her tees and dots her eyes.
i enjoy and appreciate her effort; she must be a great teacher.

there is a girl in my class
and i think she's already graying because i can see her roots
and the wrinkles behind her makeup.
she has a soft demeanor and a young-girly voice.

there is a woman in my class
and she rocks a pregnant tummy
has a high almost furry voice
and has dark brown eyes, thick brown lashes, and long brown hair.
(she's going to have a son, and she says she has no clue about boys: grew up in a family of all girls, went to an all-girls school all her life, joined a sorority, and married her high school sweetheart)

there was a lady in my class
who audited because she already took the classes
she is older, blonde, and sports an older-lady-sexy look (with her deep freckled, sun-leathered cleavage). semiyuck, semi-fascinating.
i liked talking to her because she thought i was amazing.

there is a girl in my class
who looks like syndicated Cathy
and talks in that matter-of-fact way that girls like her do.
it's amazing how many of these kinds of people i run in to.
anything she says sounds nonchalantly sensible

there is a girl in my class
who is a romanian version of Cher
who is very serious about literature, but her intensity disappears when she accidentally flashes an embarrassed smile

there are others.
but these people stick to me the most.

Sometimes during undergrad, when i got bored, or felt sleepy, i would look at all my classmates and imagine what they would look like in the 1800s. (or other eras of choice)

i need to get back to work.

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