Thursday, August 19, 2010

wednesday tv.

covert affairs gets me all tense and nervous because the framework of the show is pretty predictable.
.. so i know what will probably come next (ie: some unforeseen issue dealing with the bad guys of the 'sode)

but it always gets me.
and i like how each episode, the conflicts in Langley reflect the conflicts going on at home.
i love the little lessons Annie learns.

i love how she's so perfect at everything she does, even though she's a rookie.
it helps me maintain my grounds, knowing that this is a TV show and is nowhere near to life.

the characters are also awesome.

whatever happened to the dude from the pilot who was the president's son in 24?

1 comment:

  1. GOOOOO covert affairs! I like seeing Annie kick butt! :D And how she always figures things out. Kinda sad the Ben storyline has died down, but I like seeing her relationship with Auggie develop more.