Tuesday, August 17, 2010

a conversation yesterday at the OC Fair

This is from my mom's point of view
she calls me

Me: Hello?
Mom: Hi Junia
Me:  Hi blah blah blah how's Japan blah blah blah...
(conversation on her return / jet lag ensues.  I feel guilty b/c I knew I should've called earlier)
Mom:  Junia, i think my dad got worse.
Me:  Your dad?  Oh no what happened?
Mom:  I don't know, but your uncle flew to Korea yesterday, and uncle paul might go soon.
Me: Wow.
Mom:  Yeah, so I don't know, but I think I might go soon.
Me:  So do you need me to go?
Mom: Yeah, that would be nice.
Me:  Why is your dad hurt?
Mom:  I don't know.  He just got worse.  It's very serious.
Me:  Why?  What did you do in Japan?
Mom: What?
Me:  I mean, what did you do to your dad in Japan!
Mom: What do you mean?
Me:  Anyway, yeah, classes are ending, and I can probably go to Korea with you, but I'm also looking for jobs and stuff so I'd prefer to stay here... but dang, your dad must hurt a lot.. why do you have to go to Korea for it?
Mom:  WHaT?
Me:  Wait, What?
Mom:  What do you mean?
Me:  I just don't understand why you're going to Korea for your back.
Mom:  My back?  What about my back?
Me;  Wait what?  I thought you said your back got worse.
Mom: No.. Ohh.. OHHHH..

(clarification and everything was better.. but for a while, I just sounded like a cold-hearted daughter accusing my mom of causing her father's health to get worse.. who'd rather work on her resumes than go to Korea and .. possibly see her grandfather for the last time....  yikes)

But you know, death doesn't really affect me..  at least, not as I think as it should.  I read stuff about how death is unnatural and how Christ's ultimate victory is in that death loses its sting, but...  i don't know.

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