Friday, August 27, 2010

quasi adventuras

yesterday's adventures with my dad's honkingly huge mercedes.

*drove to Berkeley (took like 1/6 gas tank no lie!)
*had to fill up tank
*had to use Premium -_-
*never paid so much for gas in ME LIFE!
*stepped back in shock at the price.... into a nice gooey gob of aquamarine gum.
*rolled down the window at night to yell mean things at certain people.
*couldn't leave car like that at Berkeley so drove home
*borrowed Christy's hoodie to drive home
*drove home with hoodie tied tight around my face so that only my eyes and nose were showing
*felt insane with the windows down on the freeway
*blasted NPR so i could hear it over the whooshing wind
*... anybody have car shop suggestions down in the Peninsula?

today's adventures with my honkingly huge minivan *randomly woke up in panic because i slept thru my alarm clock and thought i left kevin stranded *had to drive in my dad's cold cold (windows down nothing stolen) suv *came home and napped *drove the suv to get the minivan.. *randomly rolled up the window and IT ROLLED UP! *went to Ikea and bought a bookshelf *transported a fatty heavy bookshelf myself... i must have looked ridiculous *did paperwork at Elite! *unloaded bookshelf.. myself. (using wheelies, and then ultimately pulling the box apart) *didn't walk my poor dog

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