Thursday, August 5, 2010

sometimes i amaze myself!

actually, no, many times I amaze myself!

it *is* true that spending time making meals and sitting and eating is relaxing.
today i bought food and then made lunches for the rest of this week (lavash wraps .. not sure if i want to buy them again, sort of like.. thin rectangular tortillas.. meh)  (spring herb mix, turkey, and brie rolled up in half a lavosh sheet)

then i had 2 quarter pieces left
on one, i put brie and sliced baby tomatoes
on the other i made a little turkey nest and cracked an egg on it

ever since i saw people baking eggs on pizza, i've wanted to try a baked egg.

so i baked / broiled it... and smushed it together - and i made sure the egg wasn't runny .. just moist.
and it was good!  and the lavash wasn't dry .. yeay.

but it makes sense that i like it.  one of my fav things to eat is my dad's breakfast sandwich
which is

grilled sourdough with turkey, cheese, a fried egg, and maybe a tomato (either grilled in or freshly sliced on the side).

why am i writing about food?

I dont know.

I guess it's because I haven't made stuff in a while.

I turned into a semi-healthy college boy this summer.

once i ate carrots and hummus all day.
then once i ate string cheese and hummus.
and then i varied it up by eating kettle corn.

on the subject of kettle corn, i've been eating a LOT of kettle corn lately.
it's frustrating b/c at Trader Joe's they sell a 7 oz bag for 1.99  and then they sell 6 individual 1 oz bags for 2.99.  It's like $1 more plus 1 oz less!  Not cool.  and the reason i care is because the $2.99 is LITE.. and seeing as how i eat SO MUCH KETTLE CORN.. i should be eating the lite version.  oh well.

i also bought a buttload of blueberries, and since i don't have my natural veggie wash (the one my mom uses.. also from trader joes), i mixed lemon juice with vinegar (about 2Tb each) and poured it over my blue berries. swashed it around. then rinsed it out with water.  hopefully it works.  *shrug *

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