Sunday, August 8, 2010

market of farmers

so the first time i just dropped by with Cj. (i tried CJ and cj but i like the Cj looks better!)
second time i rolled out of bed and rushed there.

this time i didn't.

things are always a LITTLE different every time i go.
today as i walked there the music was an older man in a black cowboy get up singing 'walk the line'... he was good.
i walked around to find the best price for fruits (usually always like 2-2.50/lb! crazy!) and of course trying all the pluot, plum, and other fruit samples.
i love the smells.
strawberries have the most pervading smells.

tried a sample raspberry.
it was a furry, mushy bland thing in my mouth. igg

had some aged gouda.  so gouda. ^_^

i realized i dislike it when people hawk their goods .

there's this one stand i always go to where i get a bag of grapefruit for $3.. best deal there. and great grapefruit; except last time i got mushier ones and so some were going bad early... SO this time i made sure to get firm ones.

i also bought a mushroom focaccia bun thingie... the bread part was really gummy and tough.  i was debating between that and the eggplant focaccia, but.. I guess I'll never know.
whole wheat organic usually ALWAYS fails.
It was also $4

Then I saw a stand of delicious nectarines and peaches for $1.50/lb! even MORe deLish! hehehe.
barely eked by with $4.80.... i had change *whew*.

I didn't have cash by then so I couldn't stop by trader joe's to buy my veggies.  i loooove cherry tomatoes btw for snacks.  and blueberries.

I guess this summer tart blackberries have been replaced by its sweeter, rounder alternative!

Um, the pastries there aren't that great.. I kept on walking around and nothing attracted me.
and i wanted a tamale but.. 7.50?  NO FReaKIng WAy!  hOtTamAle!

and i realized farmer's market kettle corn is a rip off compared to TJ's.

when i made my second round, the cowboy man in black was playing country roads.. and this little boy was stoically doing the electric slide, by himself.  I confess, I stared a little closely at his face to try to discern if he was a boy with special needs, i don't think he was.  I smiled a little at him.  he just continued to .. do his weird slightly off-rhythm shuffled footed electric slide.  thought of joining him. didn't.   i realized though, when you're around that age, it's still okay to... do things like that.  ... but then, i don't know. he looked about 11 or 12.. aren't boys "cool" by then?  he was seriously BY HIMSELF.


UM i had a REALLY cool way of how I wanted to write about my experiences, including the lines including like "squarer jaw for a little person" about the boy... but.. I forgot! so now it's just a brain dump.

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  1. i think it be fun to go grocery shopping with you. you seem to know a lot about food.