Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Road Less Travelled

What I could do in the next few years:

Option ONE
JOB/Volunteer in classroom setting

Apply for an accelerated* Multiple Cred/M.A. in Education from an acclaimed school** so that I can start my own alternative school (whether it be more of an independent study program like Templeton's program or more along the lines of a Classical Academy like SLOCA... currently leaning towards the latter)

Defer from my English MA program for one year (already ok'd with the director)

Go to school.

Finish my English MA program if i want to.

Start the school (decide between Charter and Private, currently leaning more towards latter)

*as in less then 2 years
** so that I look legit.. although you technically don't need anything to start a private school.  Why an M.A. and not a PhD?  You only need an MA for like a k-8 deal, plus I'm not actually interested in the philosophy/sociology behind Education, honestamente.

Option TWO
JOB / Volunteer with public international high schools (like OIHS where I was in 2009, or SFIHS, which BEGAN after i graduated Cal)

Finish my English MA / apply for single subject creds

Teach English for middle school or high school, ideally in an alternative or urban setting.

I would LOVe that actually.  I would love to teach middle school. honestly honestly honestly.

Option THREE (which could be easily melded with Option TWO)
Finish my English MA
Work somewhere
just save money and go to...

South America

In no particular order.

Would LOVE to see the continental USA too.

I WANT to do one more than the other two.
I think one is better than the other two.
and two are always fall back plans if one doesn't work out.

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  1. what you want is option 2, what you think is option 1, and the fallback plans are options 2 and 3.

    did i get 'em right?? haha