Friday, August 20, 2010

i love my conversations with jacob.

it's like.. the twilight zone.

Jacob Lee

 to me
show details 8:14 PM (1 hour ago)
7:16 PM me: what r u doing tomorrow / where will u be?
 Jacob: o, i'm actually free tomorrow
7:17 PM i'll be in la
  but could be somewhere else

12 minutes
7:29 PM me: im gonna be in LA
  er i have dinner plans at 7
7:30 PM but i wanna go earlier b/c of traffic
 Jacob: okay sure
  call me whenever u get here
  and we can get lunch or, if it's too late by then, just study together
 me: well u wanna do something?
  b/c I can
7:31 PM we can do lunch
  or study
  i have to write a paper
 Jacob: sure, i could do something
  but that'll depend on wat we do
 me: i'm going to like north west la
7:32 PM Jacob: i actually have dinner plans too
  so i prolly couldn't hang out at north west la
  or somewhere too far
  past 6
7:33 PM or actually
  i'd have to head out to this dinner at around 5 or so
 me: i have dinner plans at 7
  anyway, where will u be studying manyana?
7:34 PM Jacob: i might study at a cafe
  a really nice one too
  that i'm sure u'd like
  if not, maybe just at my school
  not too sure...
7:36 PM me: why does life suck jacob?
 Jacob: hahahhaa
7:37 PM b/c i'm emo
 me: why?
 Jacob: life is like a box of chocolates
  u never know wat u're gonna get
  ever heard that before?
7:39 PM me: yes
  foresst gump
 Jacob: excellent
 me: hey lets try to meet up tho
 Jacob: fo sure
  it's all on u my friend
  if u get here too late
  then that's no good
  but if u come on time
  for lunch
  then i can take u to some bomb places
7:40 PM and to a nice nice cafe
  to study
  sip tea
  and chat like girls
 me: lets study.. okay
  lets sip tea and chat like girls
  and then i might leave u to study if my cousin frees up and go study with her
 Jacob: or better yet
 me: if not, we can tea, chat, and then study
 Jacob: that's messed up
7:41 PM leaving me for ur cousin
 me: ... ur leaving me at 5
  what am i gonna do from 5-7?
 Jacob: o okay
  in that case
  that's fine
  but until 5
  u're mine
  that sounded a little weird
 me: nooway jose
 Jacob: puahaha
7:42 PM me: teachat and if cousin falls thru
  then yes til 5
  otherwise, i'm leaving for someone who'd hang til 6:30
 Jacob: okay sure
  if u have any cute girlfriends in la
  we should all meet up
7:43 PM me: i dooo
  but they're married.
 Jacob: boooo
  that's pointless then
7:46 PM me: :D
  u should go to ebcoc
 Jacob: really?
  ebcoc got some sisters now?
7:48 PM me: hahah no, but you're a chick magnet
  i'm sure you can bring some
  actually [NAME ERASED]'s looking pretty sharp these days
  and all the guys at EBCOC begin dating
  i think it comes with the faithfuleness hehehe
 Jacob: hahhaha
7:49 PM [NAME ERASED] huh?
  not for me
  but i'm sure another blessed man will take notice of her
  so u really think i'm a chick magnet?
 me: .......
7:50 PM oh jacob
  how i missed talking with ye
7:51 PM Jacob: i guess that's why u must be talking to me right now
  but remember
  we're jus friends okay?
  i don't wanna lead u on here...
  especially since i know u have that fb pic of me and u
7:52 PM me: ?
  what fb pic?
  wait really jacob
  we have No chance whatsoever?
 Jacob: it'd be hard
  but maybe
 me: then FORGET this.
  i'm not talking to you anymore
  what a waste of TIME
 Jacob: junia
  i'm sorry junia
  let's try to work this out
7:53 PM me: no there's nothing to work out
  plus i remember
  u said we're not friends
  here i am, trying to go out on a limb
7:54 PM but whatever, i'l lstudy with someone else
7:55 PM Jacob: hahhaaha
  i take it all back junia!!!
  forgive meeeeee
 me: whatever
7:56 PM im not taking you back
  u lost ur chance
  ur a chick repellant
 Jacob: puahaa
  well call me tomorrow when u get here okay?
 me: where will u be
 Jacob: iono
  maybe home
  maybe at a cafe
  maybe in the jungles
7:57 PM the world is mine
 me: .. ur so weird
  dude you're so.. deluded jacob
  its so fun talkign to you
 Jacob: hence, the reason i'm a chick magnet
  he he
7:58 PM me: ........... but .. do u WANT to attract chicks who like delusion?
  do u want to attract CHICKS?
8:00 PM Jacob: yes
  as long as they're pretty
 me: .. okay jacob
  t that's why you fail
  and yo uwill never have a worthy WOMAN
  and why i would never introduce you to my friends
8:01 PM Jacob: hahhaha
  aw man
  seems like i don't have ur blessings...
 me: nope dee dope!
 Jacob: and i know u are an important gateway to many hot girls....
  or so u'd like for me to think
 me: .... what?
  Not for u
  gateway closed
 Jacob: hahhaaa
8:02 PM me: i have helped many a male
  but jacob, ur.. lucky if .. i dont tell a girl that's considering u to run the other way
  since we have history, i'll keep my mouth closed.
 Jacob: HAHHAA
  that's harsh.
  wat did i ever do to receive ur hate?
8:03 PM me: ......
 Jacob: u're talking about the masta jac here!
  That we JUST HAD
 Jacob: we did a COLLAB TOGETHER!
  doesn't that mean anything???
 me: what collab?
 Jacob: ....
  "everybody, please take a seat"
8:04 PM "cuz today we're gonna celebrate the way in which"
  "God has made the class of 08"
  ... that ring a bell?
 me: ...............
  u were a slave driver
  and made me say "dorms" with a southern twang.
 Jacob: puahhaha
  well junia
  jus know this
  i too am an important gateway to a lotta good looking men
8:05 PM for both your sake and mine
  we ought to be friends
 me: ... why my sake?
8:06 PM Jacob: cuz i hold the key
  to a lotta single
8:07 PM men
 me: ... so?
  r u saying.. i need help?
  r they believers?
  b/c i have enough single handsome men, they're just not christian
 Jacob: i believe u know the answer to that
 me: hahahah
 Jacob: he he he
8:09 PM me: ?
  not exactly
  i'm afraid to ask
  b/c i'm afraid that you'd be the kind of jerk that would set me up with a guy who's not a christian. _
 Jacob: ........................
  how DARE u accuse me of such a thing
8:10 PM me: then i dont believe you
  i doubt u'd know handsome believers who are single.
  plus so Cal guys kinda make me puke a little
 Jacob: hahhaaa
  socal guys are tanned
  and cool
  wat's not to like ?
8:11 PM alright junia
  we'll continue this convo tomorrow
  must go now
8:12 PM me: ok
  wait jacob
  what time
  or should i just call u before i leave
  can i do that?
 Jacob: sure
8:13 PM i have no class tomorrow
  so i'll be free all day
 me: okok
  whats ur number?
 Jacob: aside of course from my studying

Meet Jacob!He's Single and ready to Mingleor as I like to put it, Straight and DespeRATE!
during our senior year of college, Jacob expressed the desire to try wearing adult S v-necks.  I had one shirt from high school...  ^_^

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  1. i can't believe i actually read this conversation. i think i was hoping for some kind of mystery or great insight to come.