Thursday, August 19, 2010

but you know what?
i just realized that my mom's not leaving tomorrow
she left today
which means she's still on the plane
and i feel more distraught over the fact that she'll arrive to bad news in korea
than over the fact that he died.

i'm texting back and forth with jeremy.
the kim men were always more sensitive than the women.
envy that a little.

you know, my mom called me today and interrupted me in class
i was sort of embarrassed
and she was telling me about how she bookmarked a page in a catalog and was giving me directions on how to decorate my room.
and i cut her off and told her i was in class and then got annoyed that i had no way of accessing the house.
and then she said abba would email me
and then we hung up.

i should have said something more encouraging.
i'm such a brat.

okay, i now see why jeremy's texting me so much
we began talking about grandpa
then details
then randoms
and now he told me how to take care of the dog.

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