Saturday, January 2, 2010

Meet the Fam

Ultimately very thankful for parents.
Had a big conversation. but i'm so thankful to see how they've changed from when I was a freshman. =)

Meet the youngest Kim:
Bethel Kim

She wears glasses, is seven years old, is exuberant, has a baby, nasal, whiny voice, looks JUST like her mother, and is quite precocious. Haha. The perfect recipe to temporary entertainment.. a little difficult unless you play her right. She's definitely our baby.

To keep her occupied I asked her to write me a story since last year she read me a story she wrote in her notebook about a rabbit. Okay, the story was definitely misspelled and on crack, but it was SO Cute. This year she asked me if she could type on my laptop... and she's SO good at using spell-check and stuff!

The story is so cute too. She wanted to write a mystery... and she kept on asking me "Uh Junia Unni? can i do this? Uh Junia Unni, what if i change my mind?" heehe. I left to go shopping, came home to read

"Forest Mystery
Mystery books by Bethel Kim"

Hehe. It's not finished. But it reminds me of how I used to write stories when I was little with bits of obvious plagiarism. Hey, when you're in 2nd grade, that's allowed. Also, reading it made me incredibly depressed that some of my 8th graders can't write like that.

Meet the oldest
Juan (John) Manuel Kim.. err Ki-Eun oppa.
I think he looks like Gong Yoo.. hence I never got into the Gong Yoo appeal since Gong Yoo reminded me of Ki-Eun oppa. He's currently in Beijing studying and he's an interesting guy. He was always the charismatic, smart, fun one... and he still is. It's fun chatting with him, but in a sense I still get intimidated I guess. He's very open to things, multi-cultural.. and we had a loooong talk in Starbucks. it began with my declaring my affection for starbucks and acknowledging that more than half of the money I'm paying is for the brand and not the coffee.
He got started talking about mom and pop stores. We then commenced to chat about.. all sorts of things about the world, and it was SO INTERESTING. I MISS talking about things like felt like class! But then again, class is where we just air our opinions and in the end, it's a bunch of fluff, because ultimately, we're drinking overpriced starbucks at shinsegae mall in Korea.. so, there goes our whole "change the world" idea.

His dad, my uncle, wants to influence Venezuela through his Christian family. They already have a motorcycle company (Empire Moto) and are planning to build a Christian university in Venezuela. .. I wonder .... .... ........... Well, I don't know if I would teach there, but I know they want to make it a family affair.

How do I find balance in time? Between changing the world and remembering that the world itself is but a temporary dwelling place?

some thoughts.

I realized my mom's side of the family is VERY passionate. PLUS we have our south american blood.. ... even MORE passion. And very family-oriented. Sort of strange b/c it's kicking in now.. and I feel like I'm genuinely becoming friends with my cousins.

Sometimes i don't like to add to my friend count; I feel more burdens that way.

I leave Korea the day after tomorrow. What a full trip it was.

Poppa Kim and Momma Kim made

Paul (previously alejandro.. don't worry, there's a story behind this . LOL)

Manuel + Rebecca
Juan Manuel Ki-Eun
Daniel Ki-Sung
Elisa Eunsung

Don + Maria

Paul + Jaimy

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