Tuesday, January 19, 2010

tidal waves don't beg forgiveness.

watched Big Fish today... and I understand it more.

I remember watching this my junior or senior year on a Saturday night at the movies with my mom. I don't know why we went; but I remember running into friends and being okay with the fact that I was there with my mom.

I remember loving Ewan Macgregor, I remember thinking it was pretty, I remember my mom bawling, I remember the asian women and the field of daffodils... truth is, I don't remember much. I'd say "Oh, i love that movie, but I forget what it's about." I guess I loved the picture memories and the memory of my mom and I there.

I watched it again and I think I understand why my mom cried so much. In truth, the father reminds me of my grandmother and the son, my mother. I see my grandmother's larger than life stories, her grandiose statements, the fact that she is so loved by everyone, and yet somehow my mom disappoints her or she annoys my mother. i think I see that more. There's still that love; that fierce reality; but it doesn't take away the hurt i don't think.

Another thing is how i was thinking, I'd rather marry the father-type than the son-type. But then I realized the father marries a sweet sweet girl. i don't think two people who are too big for their britches who dream too big could be together. and i thought, there are only two types of people. dreamers and those who don't (but still fare just as well). and i think my grandma and i may be dreamers, while my mom isn't. BUT that can't be true.
since my mom and i can easily take the dynamics of my grandmother and her.
so nevermind.

I don't know what i'm trying to say.

All I'm saying is i love the story, the relationships, and the sweetness.

Favorite scenes:

One peeve:
How the underwater woman couldn't swim gracefully, nor flex her feet when she did that awkward scissor kick. -_- ruined the ethereal moment.

Oh btw: LOVED the Cast


well, the old mom was... her smile was too... i mean, is it a real smile? it was sort of.. i don't know. meh. dentures? but even dentures can't look THAT fake can it?

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