Friday, January 29, 2010


5:45am - got up
6:05am - started swimming
6:32am - used the awesome massage hot tub thingies
7:00am - ladies meeting with Kathy, Grace, and Mrs. Greer
7:30am - fun pick student of the week meeting.
8:00am - class begins
was short with the kids today :-/
had eel for lunch today.
had a talk with rude 6th graders.
had to yell at Tom a LOT.
Was frustrated with clique-y 7th grade girls.
was frustrated with lazy 7th grade class who doesn't take ownership of their classroom.
was impressed by George's cleaning skills.

AnYWAY the point of today was I took over for mr. Kask's homeroom duties today since he went to Gaoxiong for a basketball tournament (WOW yikes! - overnighter with high school boys? NO THANK YOU!) And the kids are just chilling and going wild and Mr. Peterson walks in. I'm standing in front of him, we make eye contact, and his eyes sort of slide past me and then he asks, "Is there a teacher in the room?" and I was sort of like.. uhh.. and said "I'm the teacher!" and he was so surprised, "Oh! I .. oh" and all the kids laughed like crazy.

Another funny thing, i confiscated George's gum til the afternoon.. b/c no gum is allowed.

George: but i need to "reflesh" my mind.
(the gum has "Refresh your Mind" written on it).
Me: George, gum isn't allowed.. and if what i've seen in the past is your mind refreshed, this gum isn't doing its job.
George: No .. let me reflesh my mind!
Me: I'm going to go refresh MY mind.. oooh WHO WANTS GUM!!!

And then george gives me a baleful stare. HA love that kid.

AND THEN: SOMEHOW I got elected to be in the committee for "extraordinary children" (ie ESL).. and basically it's stinky b/c I was absent that day and so.. yay, i got elected for a committee. Shady i tell you. It was.. interesting, to say the least. Three men, considerably older, more experienced, who desire to be on the committee and have things to say, who speak SLOWLY, who are.. interesting, and then me.. who is unashamedly immature, head on my desk, mindlessly doodling.. doing everything I tell my kids not to do.


it's going to suck when I don't have my youth to blame immaturity on..

Thank you Lord for Fridays!

I stayed at school late, cleaned the DICKENS out of my office. :-) Even the insides of my drawers are neat and organized.

then came home and made s'more fudge. Turned out great.

OH did i mention that OUR KITCHEN is WACK?!
NOW we realized, when we use a stove and touch the metal of the pans OR the food in the pans, a nice pleasant buzzing shock goes into my skin... because I think something happened and now maybe there's a live wire or something. So, what I do is I wear oven mitts and try to not touch the metal. This is definitely breaking TONS of safety rules. I just hope to live ignorant of the hazards of this place.

Teaching diagramming is hard but LOGICAL.
Also, semi-caught a student maybe-cheating ... UGH... INTEGRITY! GUYS INTEGRITY!


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