Saturday, January 23, 2010


During 8th grade grammar, I was giving spelling words. I try to apply the words to my kids so I ask questions. Here goes what happened last Monday.

"prudent. Prudent means wise or having sound judgment. Do you know anyone who is prudent?" i was fishing for answers like "my grandmother; my grandfather."

and one girl piped up

"R--- is prudent!" and yes, R-- is a smart girl, and she's a nice helper.. but almost immediately I objected.

"Oh well, a grandmother would be prudent, or a parent.. someone who is older is usually wiser- usually.. well maybe not R-- because she's young.. not that being young doesn't mean you're not wise.. but usually wisdom comes with age" ... I rambled a bit, caught off guard and poor R-- made an embarrassed smile.

I felt bad.

See, i have a slight quandary.

I want kids to not act dumb because society expects it. I want kids to not let people look down on them because they are young. I want them to know that they have power, they have intelligence, and they should rise up to this occasion (which is life).

and yet, I don't think they're wise. and I don't want to teach them or trick them or mislead them into thinking that they can do without teaching and help.

BUt THEN I don't want to act like I'm so smart and wise either.. and sometimes I do act stupid or goofy. I guess I need to give up the friend act and take the role-model act. But then I DO have teachers who stayed professional and who were role-models as well.

Something to figure out.

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