Saturday, January 16, 2010

forces of nature

i've wanted to see this for a while since
a) Sandra Bullock was in it and
b) it was my really good friend in high school's favorite movie.

Despite the "dapdaphan" plot and freak catastrophes, there are a few things i like about this movie.

first of all, the cinematography of nature and weather were at times amazing and beautiful. I love how weather was an active agent; how it was personified. i like how the camera captured that and brought it to life.

second of all, i loved the ending. it was beautifully shot, and i liked what he said; and i liked the closure... and how ultimately he didn't give into "the force of nature" but rather made his decisions.

thirdly, i liked the overall weirdo message.

the movie dragged; it was suffocating at times, frustrating, BEN was frustrating.. Bullock did ALL she could to keep it up. Never have i found issues with that woman; she is a great actress. ( i may be biased tho!)

Miss congeniality
While you were sleeping

Okay fine, i went thru the rest of the list of Bullock films I've seen and wasn't a huge fan of most of them... BUT i hAVE to say, in ALL of them, BULLOCK wasn't the one at fault. She herself is funny, endearing, etc etc etc!

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