Monday, January 25, 2010

random Monday thoughts

i SO Feel Garfield and his whole "MONDAY!" shenanigans.
but then; I wonder what does HE have that's so awful about Mondays? He's just a fat cat that bullies his owner and the dog.

It's strange how I devoured Garfield comics when I was younger and I seriously remember random comics and punchlines at random times....
for instance, Coffee? Garfield. (or Jon)
a scale? Garfield
every time I eat a burger I think of the comic where Garfield weighs the burger and its 6oz; he eats it and he weighs himself and he gained 1lb. then he glares and thinks "traitor" .. hehe. not so funny i guess in writing.
Mondays? garfield for SUREEEE

My principal was understandably freaked when the academic dean informed her that I was taking a day off to take my GEDs (and not my GREs).

Today during first period...
George: Why you so weak?
Me: What? WEak? (already thinking defensively; uh you want an arm wrestle rematch buddy?)
George: Yeah, weak.
Me: What do you mean I'm weak?
George: You look different; weak today.
Me (feeling slightly mollified): Oh.. I don't know, I don't feel weak.
Hank: Eh? It's because her hair wet!
Me: Oh that's the rain.. I dropped my umbrella on my head getting my soymilk .....maybe I'm tired?
George: Oh.

Anyway I think that's as close as George ever go to "caring" for me. Very backhand and awkward. I'd like to THINK he was semi-thinking about me anyway (probably thoughts didn't get as far as "care").

By the way; I have SUCH A BIG problem with LYING! it's INSANE. absoluTELY. for example;
sometimes I say things that happened that didn't happen. (a habit i think I picked up from my dad; I mean it's so easy to remedy; instead of saying "once I saw" I could say "once I heard of a guy.." or "what if a guy..." or "wouldn't it be funny if.." I mean even if the stories I share are TRUE stories told by others; it didn't happen to mE!) .
OR i exaggerate; or add stuff that sounds true and could be true.. but just isn't.


I WRITE IN MY BLOG OR DIARY stuff that's just not true but what I guess I'd like to be true. my 8th/9th grade diary I was reading last night is a testimony of that.

I think every-so often, I try to remedy my lying and try to speak less and be more mindful. Every Sunday I try to remember to be soberminded.. but also, every-so often, I'm boggled at WOW how many random UNNECESSARY lies flow out of my mouth.

Doesn't that scare you? How do you know what I say and what I don't say is true?
Some things I've just gotten USED to saying.. that's just not true!


other things ARE true.

I really do remind myself of the grandpa from Big Fish.

I'd get in trouble if i ever wrote a memoir; b/c it wouldn't be true.

but then you know, it's easier to reveal and confess true things when they're mixed in with tall-tale lies. then you don't know what parts are true or not. I guess this would work if I were writing a literary piece or something; it definitely doesn't make for good relationships. hah.

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