Friday, January 22, 2010

you know you're in Taiwan when

the weather is mild and clear enough for you to ride your bike at a brisk speed to school with wet hair flapping in the wind, no jacket, no gloves in the morning and by the late afternoon/early evening when it's time to come home, you're cold, gloveless hands grip the handlebars as you speed home, jacketless, avoiding busses that drive down the middle of the road in this suddenly darkening day, as your hair gradually dampens from the RAIN that begins around 4pm.

SUPER turn around.

But THANKFUL for three days of Sunshine.

God, those years in Gray gray Berkeley has prepared me in ways I would never have imagined.
I still remember crying freshman year, looking out my fourth floor window at College Avenue below at the hopeless gray, the wet leaves, the blustering wind.. and wail for the mild weather of Palo Alto. Much has changed since then :-) Weather doesn't affect me as much; or almost not at all!


Today I yelled at Tom in the morning for speaking Korean. Next, I reprimanded him for sharing gum. Then I found out it was candy. He promptly offered me a piece, and I promptly accepted. Which then prompted Woody, to give me a grape flavored one. Yum Yum! Candy for breakfast! (And no I didn't feel even one teeny ounce of guilt for yelling at him, accusing him of gum, and then taking his candy. NOt.. one.. tiny... bit... )

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