Wednesday, January 27, 2010

music snobbery

i am one.

but i appreciate it when i talk about music i like, only mention top radio hits that i can't even figure out the title to.. and the other person just nods and talks to me naturally instead of coolly or snobbily.

sometimes people can just enjoy music without having to know each and every fact.

i realized i so enjoy showing off random trivia and facts. it's a habit that's slightly excusable because i'm an asian woman instead of a nerdy nasal boy in 7th grade. but it has GOT to get annoying.. i'm sure. i mean.. come on, i'm such a show off. you just don't know it because i say it with a laugh/self-deprecating smile etc.. and the facts are funny.

but wow i so often steer conversations back to me.

(check that out the next time we talk)

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