Monday, January 25, 2010

WOw.. drama rama...

HORRIBLE - 6/6/2001

My week went soo bad and today was especially horrible. I just realized I could get killed in my pool because it has low something or other.. I forget
I had to do stupid detention in stupid math class for stupid reason

then I went to stanford for a haircut I was really excited about... she totally messed up and I felt like crying.. furthermore I left my wallet at home so I waitied for 45 minutes and then she PASSED me so I had to run after the car yelling like a fool.. I met Jade so i was happy bc I barely talk to her.. so I yelled at my mom and she said it was my fault and I cried and I felt like suicide and took a nap but now I think commiting suicide over a bad haircut is stupid but it feels reasonable.. speically now Deb is being really mean bc Tina told.. (see entries for DEB) here's mosta my conversation.. I don't feel like talking to her because my day is horrible.. I HATE MY LIFE sooo much but then I want to be happy for those that really do.. :(


i thought the 7th/8th graders were crazy here but uh... HAHAHHA i was 13.

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