Friday, November 30, 2012

Ode to Joe

If you saw a woman smiling a bit too wide
Gleaming eyes bared under her purple frames
you might have seen that it'sa mee!!  Ms. Kim!

You know you've been to Trader Joe's too often when you scour their ready-to-go food section and feel bored.  There's absolutely nothing there left to try that I want to try... I grabbed the chicken masala and then remembered I'd eaten it before!
So then, off to the frozen foods.  But i wandered through the bread part.  And then decided I wanted a TJ's snack (From their samples) and LITERALLY CUT OFF an old man when I rounded a corner too quickly.  Felt embarrassed that I was beelining for the samples so I pretended to be interested in the organic butter and the coconut milk dairy substitute.
I heard a funny conversation while trying out the quinoa with the vegetable melange (what's melange?).
"I have no idea why I hate this song."
"It's because it's a terrible song!"
"It IS a terrible song!"

Around this time, maybe it was the melange, I just began to feel euphoric.  I walked into the frozen foods, back to the ready-to-go foods, then back around to the frozen foods and picked out paneer masala.  Then I saw a "pecan pie ice cream" oh what?  It looked good! I then remembered that I came here to get a soup to try for my grilled cheese I was going to eat at home.

What soup to get.  I get so excited.  I looked at their creamy corn and roasted pepper soup right when a TJ's lady asked me if I needed anything.  Instead of mumbling, I exclaimed, "Nope! I'm just really excited, actually!"  And then we both gushed about the pecan pie ice cream.  
Anyway, I love Trader Joe's

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