Wednesday, November 28, 2012

i wonder of christina's mad.

she's so grumpy when she talks with the bi-colored hair girl.

Anyway, I like Cassadee pope better.. but I honestly don't get why the coaches are always like "everyone loves you" b/c she's not.. that great.  her audition was really moving, but .. I always feel like she has a reedy sort of voice.

Also, trevin hunte is becoming disappointing.  really hated his usher cover where he sounded really .. waily, and even the whitney houston cover wasn't that great.

had high hopes for bryan keith.. sad he got eliminated.

also was excited about the Queen cover from cody belew.. but it fell.

also... waiting for Amanda Brown to break out again.  LOVED Dream On.  Wish she would do more. She's definitely someone who just.. keeps getting better.  GOSH.

Dez Duron. Glad he's gone.

If Christina Aguilera had kept De'borah instead of 2 basically vocal-look-alikes, I bet her team would've gone further.  OR if she had kept that girl who literally gave me chills with "I Have Nothing" (Devon Deloera) ... except I really hated her aguilera cover.


Right now, I thought I wanted Trevin Hunt to win, but I'm really pulling for Amanda Brown.  CRAZY!

Also.  Ceelo.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA.  He's such a FREAKY WEIRDO.  But pretty genius.

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