Monday, January 2, 2012

I don't usually do these but...

1) Sleep in the PM.
If i sleep on time, I'll wake up on time.
If I wake up on time, I won't be rushed.
Sleeping is a good discipline.
If i'm disciplined in sleeping, it will help me be disciplined in other areas. Mainly in spending time with the Lord. and being neat.
1a - spend time with God regularly
1b - be neat
1c- don't procrastinate.

2) Exercise more. (regularly)
I would like to wear a pair of size 2/3 Lucky brand jeans by the time Spring rolls around.
I would also like to not have soft arms for my brother to jiggle }:(
2a - eat healthier
2b - eat less desserts

3) Listen more
Don't monopolize
Think before you disagree
Think if it's worth disagreeing with.

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