Sunday, March 4, 2012

obvious plastic surgery

it makes me sad that ppl feel the need to change their face.
but i also wonder where you draw the line.

for example, i altered my skull too: i got braces.  is that different from a nose job?  it was for vanity.

or eyelids?  gah..

anyway, i guess if it looks natural, it's better, but when it sticks out.. it's so weird.

for example: this dude:

it's so OBVIOUS he got something done to his face.

and it looks really similar to this girl here:

 who when i FIRST saw her, was thoroughly shocked at how fake she looked, but then slowly warmed up to her because frankly, she's a really good actress.  but why did she have to.. change her face so much to look kind of like this exaggerated doll?

i tink it has something to do with the lips. they're unnaturally.. symmetrical and.. pouty?  or the top of the lip?  and the nose.  the lips and the nose.. just.. look different.

I feel like beauty is more apparent when there's an imperfection.
I remember when I first saw Charlize Theron (in The Italian Job), feeling slightly confused b/c I felt so neutral towards her face.  Everyone gushed about her beauty, but I think, she felt too... perfect?  like everything was too symmetrical and proportional, that it reminded me of a plastic barbie doll.

Whereas Uma Thurman, or Katharine Hepburn.  When I first saw them, I knew they weren't ugly, but I didn't think them beautiful.  However, Thurman's prominent nose, and Hepburn's strong jaw, slowly, as I kept seeing them, became the exact part that enhanced and confirmed their beauty.  Am I being crazy here?  I don't know.  I just FEEL like this is true.  Something has to draw your attention to the face.. if everything is proportional/symmetrical, I think your eyes could have a tendency to just glide over it.

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