Friday, May 11, 2012

The Voice Finale + spoilers

You know, I think there's a lot to be said about the strategy of the show.
For example, even though Christina Aguilera knocked Jesse off early, he is GOOD to go.  He's mainly a Gospel singer and that wouldn't've sold well anyway and he has enough of a loyal following that he's fine.

Christina had a weird team -- last season she went super diva powerhouses.  This season she went way too original weirdish..  she also needs to figure out how to get people to trust her and like her...

Adam Levine.  Again, I don't think it was bad he voted off that blonde woman with a lovely voice because she's also probably good to go.  Tony Lucca had nothing exciting about him though, and I think that may have caused resentment.

CeeLo.  Oh CEELO.  this season i REALLY appreciated just his sense of style and pizazz in all his set ups.  He's freaking creative (or he allows the right creative forces to be creative for him).  And I really like that he's so in the know about music and musical history.  Kind of like South Korea's JYP.
i LOVEd Dancing in the Street, and I still remember the Dog Days are Over from last season.

If i were talented, I'd choose Ceelo, even though he's super greasy.

Blake.  Hands down a great coach b/c he cares for you.  Last season his girl got second, but in terms of current popularity, it's first.  She has her records and she's doing well... not Xenia but the other one. (The fact that Xenia also has a musical career says something about Blake's clout).  I like how Blake also helped like 2 other artists this season too even though they lost -- that first country singer and then of course, RaeLynn.

i LOOOOOVE Jermaine Paul. SO glad he won.  He's so humble, so talented, and so handsome. ta ta ta!

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