Tuesday, March 6, 2012

You can only take so much conflict.

I wish Once Upon a Time would just freaking solve their mysteries already.
I mean, it's almost like a deus ex machina device to just have every extraneous character try to leave StoryBrooke and crash their car.  Ugh.

That's like the catch-all solution for all conflict issues.

How awesome would it be if this all turned out to be a fluke and Henry was just crazy?  Actually, that wouldn't be awesome, I'd be mad.

Also, I'm concerned to the longevity of this show.  If this show is meant to last for seasonS rather than one season, this means that.. most likely the enchantment WON'T be broken and they'll continue to keep on introducing new characters, continuing different storylines (that parallel current storylines) and those new storylines will only vague connect to or continue traditional fairy tales.  This could get old real quick.

They still have yet to do the red riding hood story (I bet the mysterious journalist dude is the wolf).
They have to pick up Cinderella, where her prince, coincidentally disappears at the well (did he turn into a FROG?  is he the Frog prince?)
Also, how did Belle end up underground?
I guess they could also do a story for each dwarf.
We need to figure out how Snow White eats the apple.
There's always room for more Rumplestiltskin.
also contemporary storyline, we have to find that wife.  There must be some story for that diner waitress. Henry's been missing for a while.  And HOW come DAVID never had to take responsibility for the fact that he's a wishy-washy, cheating, no-good, not even that good looking husband?

Dang.. there's going to be SO much room for more meandering.. this is going to take forever.
Groan.  I just want an ending.

Other fairy tales they have yet to tap into:

Rapunzel (THAT would be good.  I bet Rumplestiltskin is the kidnapping witch.. he's like the catch-all villain).
Peter Pan (more fairies, yay! and a boy child!  and maybe they'll add a twist by making Wendy another teacher in real life and the Peter Pan boy, her high school student.  Okay, am I going too far?)
3 Little Pigs
Alice in Wonderland (not a fairytale, but come on, they brought in a genie, they can surely bring in Alice in Wonderland).
Little Mermaid
Sleeping Beauty
Swan Princess
12 Dancing Princesses

Wow, there's SO many girls and so few guys.  This show is definitely full of just pretty girls.. which is a good thing for all those actresses out there.  And there are only so many huntsmen you can have.. maybe it's the same one guy for all the girls.  It's like Big Love. fairytale edition!

Speaking of spoofs:  Love it.