Friday, January 6, 2012

Beauty and the Geek

So began watching Season 2... and it's pretty fun/ny.

I watch it, and I think gosh, i'm really smart.  In both pop culture AND tech stuff.  Whoo!  haha.

Except, as soon as I think I'm smart, I just realize, gosh, these people are really dumb.. and i'm dumb for competing with them.  (you know, like how you shouldn't race a 5 year old?)

I'm sad b/c my favorite geeks are being eliminated.. in such close rounds too :(
I liked Brandon a lot.  He was like this awkward but smart and nice and not too awkward guy.  the kind that wears an okay shirt but then tucks it into his ill-fitting jeans.. with a belt.  He slicked his hair to the side too.  PLUS I liked Amanda too.  She had a really ferocious look about her in a cool way.

I liked Tyson :(  He was so asian. haha.  Except Thais, his partner, was cute, but REALLY dumb.

AT the end, when both eliminees reflect, the girl says how much the guy became comfortable.. (which i think just happens b/c geeks are pretty normal when they get comfortable), but when the guy says the girl is really intelligent and beautiful inside out, i snorted when Tyson said that about Thais.  because .. she was just ... lol.

The geeks are so funny.
And the girls' commentaries on them are so funny/stupid too.

Actually, Chris is kind of bitter and scary.  He needs to change.

The other guys are ok.  The guy that looks like Napoleon Dynamite is kinda creepy too.

My favorite is Josh.  His POV is awesome.  And he's such a nerd. hahaha.  Poor him.  He has Cher as his partner and she's cutthroat and scary.

and there's this one brunette who just sounds like a blonde.  I love interviews with her.  B/c she's so blonde.. and so clueless about it.. and pretty sweet actually.

"You know what, I look so good, I'd hook up with myself" - Josh. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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