Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Okay wow. This week's Once Upon A Time was a zinger. I take back what I said last week. (Although the werewolf thing has been done before (see: every other modern adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood).  But this time, around, their twist was good.

I don't really enjoy the main story thread in modern day Storybrooke, but i do like the side character stuff and I did like this week's fairy tale episode.

Speaking of fairytales, I really recommend this book: Truly Grim Tales by Priscilla Galloway.  You know a book is good when you think about it randomly.  I'm washing the dishes and suddenly I think of the prince in the Cinderella one (all of these short stories don't really tell you which fairy tale, they just hint at them).  I love the weird Red-RidingHood themed one too.

And they're all in this detached, first person.  It's just delicious, really.

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