Sunday, March 11, 2012

Snippets of a weird weird dream

Been feeling emotional lately and been having weird sleeping patterns.
Today I felt panicked in the middle of my sleep but then assured myself that today was Saturday and not just Saturday but the Saturday starting Spring Break!  

I had a quest dream.  Those dreams are usually really interesting.
This time around, I was with a group of people that I knew (don't remember now) and I remember my little camel pak and blood.  I remember also at the end, a guy (friend's bf) was barbequing and I told him he could have the grill since my parents moved.  He told me to open the backdoor and I didn't understand why, but I put on my indoor slippers and went outside when someone else was out there and I understood oh he wanted me to open the door for him. and as someone else was walking by i yelled "back door" and he walked in.
This is another thing I notice about dreams. i never really get the chance to eat in them. there was ONE dream where I ate a feast.. and I think that was a triumph for me b/c i never get a chance to eat in a dream. ever.

the main snippets i remember is that we're by water, and you have to be careful b/c there are some weird creatures living there. i knew one person in my team had some sort of spell or something happened to them in regards to me, so she was following me, as i was trying to get water to wash off the blood from my camel pak. but every time she followed me (she's actually sally's cousin suyeon. weird.) the water in the creeks became mud, so I couldn't dunk my camel pak.  and i was going out further into the creek to find water, and she was following me. so then, i told her to leave, and told her to stay with the others, and brought someone else with me, and the water was there.

another main snippet (the one that sticks with me the most) is that we were on a trail in a large tunnel and at first the rocky path hurt a lot and i was worried about tripping.  next to the rocky path, was this small bamboo fence looking thing.  It was this low fence, about the height of my knee, and it was stacked bamboo on its side so that the top was rounded, smooth bamboo.  i realized i could walk on that b/c it felt better for my bare feet.  however as i walked (pretty quickly since my feet felt better), the tunnel began to get smaller and then i had to get back on the rocky path, and then i had to crawl on my tummy.  I was at a point where I wondered if i could get out b/c the exit was so small, when suddenly, i felt it give (right when i felt that i'd stick) and i was out. i remember feeling concerned b/c there was a large, asian boy behind me, but I think he made it okay too.

I just remember a lot of creeks and outdoors stuff in my dream. i remember one of my friends swimming deep in that watery creek when she wasn't supposed to b/c you don't know what lives in there.

there wasn't a lot of action in my dream, but it was pretty nerve-wracking nonetheless.

I've started to grind my teeth at Harvard. I wonder if dreams like that make me more or less stressed.  I try to make sure my mouth is open when i sleep.  my neck's been hurting for a week now too.  ho hum.

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