Wednesday, March 21, 2012


what is it that makes me crave that lighthearted companionship?
the now and then. the sunny. the super 8.
it's almost a decade since that time, but i miss it.
the singing on rooftops
the blending of daquiris
the skinnydipping under stars
the getting caught/citations for trespassing
the driving with the windows down, dancing to ridiculous music
the bad parking
the coffeecake and hobees
the swimming and the drama
the eating and the baking
the whispering and the spooning
the borrowing of clothes
the assurances and the confidence
that the world could be against us but we had each other and we were fine.

i feel that until junior year, i was kind of my own independent ship.  or maybe, i still do sort of live in this weird pseudoworld i invented for myself mixing beverly cleary, lm montgomery, and the babysitters club.

is friendship overrated?
i need to stop watching kid tv and start writing my papers and being a grown up.

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