Monday, May 17, 2010


In 8th grade reading, we're reading "The Arrow and the Lamp."

It's a retelling of the story of Psyche and Cupid.

I remembered that story from reading Greek myths when I was little.
I then retouched upon it when i read The Golden Ass Spring semester 2008 and then again during the summer of 2008. That's when DChoe suggested that I read Till We Have Faces, and Leona heartily agreed. I fell in LOVE with that book.

I love coming back to it (this year's 7th graders read "The Enchanted Palace" and "The Trial of Psyche") and now I'm reading it again as "The Arrow and the Lamp."

The 8th graders asked me this on Friday: "How come Cupid doesn't let Psyche see him?"

I had no clue.

I guess it was this idea of trust, testing, etc etc.. but really, WHY does Cupid not let Psyche see his face?

No internet sources answer this.

Was it just to keep the story going? No. That is not satisfactory.

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  1. this was one of my favorite greek myths! I remember when I read it, Cupid doesn't let Psyche see him because love is not about sight but about trust and faith.